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Galaxy pgc0661467 picture

Artist’s representation of Galaxy PGC0661467. This is purely conjectural, since no images of it exist on the web, and the only search result for PGC0661467 is a long list of numbers, which probably doesn't even have anything to do with astronomy. It's probably source code for a computer virus or something. Which means that by looking at it, I've downloaded it. Shit.

Galaxy PGC0661467, also known as The One Right In The Middle Of The Other Ones, is a distant galaxy in the constellation Fornax, I think. An apparently small galaxy, it is potentially home to many varieties of flora, fauna and fungi. However, since I accidentally clicked off of its position on the chart, and can’t find the damn thing again, we may never know for sure. Why the hell do I have to be so damn clumsy? I’m always doing shit like clicking the wrong buttons, bumping into things, knocking shit over. I'm fucking sick of this! Anywho, PGC0661467 lies in a cluster of many other galaxies, some larger, some smaller, some closer, some even inside others.

edit Discovery

I’m sure it was catalogued by one of those automated sky-sweeper telescopes in an observatory deep in the remote mountains. Then a computer probably assigned it some arbitrary number like PGC0661467 or something. Or maybe 42. Now wouldn’t that be something? Figures I’d fucking click off the chart. I’ll always kick myself for that.

edit Technical Data

The dimensions of PGC0661467 are 0.4/ 0.2'. It has a blue magnitude of 17.08 and a surface brightness of magnitude 13.99. Its radial velocity is 37444.

Ok, so I managed to save all that crap, but I can't actually find the fucking thing itself? What a crock of shit!

edit PGC0661467 in Popular Culture

The aliens from Independence Day may have come from PGC0661467. If so, then that doesn’t say much about intelligent life in that galaxy. I mean, come on! If you’re chasing someone who’s stolen one of your spaceships, you don’t chase them into the already-closing doors of your mothership!

edit Other Images

Galaxy pgc0661467 somewhere

Galaxy PGC0661467 as shown in this graphical representation...maybe. Honestly, I can’t really be sure since I accidentally clicked off the window, and I’m sure as hell not gonna spend the next 4½ hours clicking on every single one of those things only to find that it’s not here.

Galaxy pgc0661467 photo

Photograph of Galaxy PGC0661467, taken with a 1.3 megapixel camera phone. I remember when these were the bomb.

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