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Welcome to the marvelous world of Fundy Fest.

A Social experiment in Tumbatatumba [1] seeking new Biblical inspired methods to spread the message of Gward.

Current methods are expanding on notions in Ephesians - specifically Ephesians 2:11-22 - in the form of a local religious festival of sound. Loosely disguised as garble, it has now become a defacto Youth Festival, with privileges.

Other names are Easterfest and Aussie Garble Musac Festival (AGMF).

edit Purpose

It is largely accepted that contemporary methods of spreading the word is failing. SatinSatan's message needs to be drowned from innocent ears. The festival is aimed at experimenting using religious approved methods.

Including determining just how outrageous a Fundamentalist can be in forcing the message of Gwrd on to unwilling participants, before private and public social censure.

Experiments include:

  • How many local laws can be bent in the name of Gwrd.
  • How far will the public put up with disrespect in the name of religion
    • - eg several years of visitors using the local War Memorials for Festival Parking.
    • - & the a long history of harassing and/or belittling any one daring to make criticism.
    • and Audio Warfare, including
      • - The physical damage to homes because of the elevated bass.
      • - How far can religious music travel in a populated Valley.

It appears another aim might to lower prices of local residents (living within a 1 km of the local CBD) so the Fundies supporters can trial variations of Ephesians 2:11-22.

edit Different Names

The Festival has different names for the direct purpose of fooling the population into believing that it is a Charity. Another experiment might be that a new Fundamental Xian ploy is to drum the Gawd message through a larger target than victims' ears again, using tactics trailedtrialed in Jericco, using the Festival as a sound saucesource.

edit Festival History

The first festival was held in the local Kings Park, Easter 1999. Camping was permitted [2], but the locals complained about drunken teenagers walking though the nearby parks screaming bible passages in the early hours of the morning.

As the festival claimed to be a "Drug and Alcohol free", the following years the camping area was fenced. Whether to protect the campers from the public or vice versa is still unknown.

A local watering hole complained how the fence slowed down the supply to the clients. One suggests they were frightened at any suggestion one could supply water-whine to the underaged.

edit Community Concerns

Global Warming : There is a belief that the approval given to the large number of people camping in areas (with poor facilities), might be a trial so the city could handle selected approved groups of Global Warming refugees. After the concerns dealing with the extra burden on the Town's low water supplies, this would not be an issue in circumstances of Global Warming.

In scenes reminiscent of the "Dukes of Hazard", many local Public servants (Police and local Council staff)[3] have repeatedly suggested that the only reason the Fundy Fest Organisers could get away with the disregard of the local regulations was because of its religious nature. One Officer made an off the record comment that the "Riot Squad" would be called in any other circumstances.

edit Noise

The documented measured excessive 90+ dB(C) noise levels at nearby housing; but the relevant Kingsland Noise Laws only specify annoyance noise levels in the musically irrelevant dB(A): the dB(A) scale discounts both low and high frequencies strongly. The noise annoyance footprint has been regularly reported to range over 5 Km from Kings Park; the immediate locals experience house rattling and other severe long term annoyances because of the large amount of Compression and Bass Boost[4] used. Proceedings have been started to eventually correct in the long term the scientific inadequacies of the appropriate Kingsland Legislation (which will eventually affect all Kingsland Music Events), as the organisers allegedly do not wish to perform a suggested move to the New Show Grounds, currently located outside residential areas.

Although a Kingsland Legislator has been quoted suggesting these current restrictions also to musical keys other than the key of C. [5]

edit Organiser's Claims

To date the quoted figure of financial "benefit" to the community changes regularly.

edit Notes & References

  1. the Belt Buckle of the Bible Belt in Kingsland
  2. but only in the tents - can't have that sort of thing seen in public at a Gawd Event!
  3. not elected positions in Australia
  4. Peters, Cathy (2007-11-24). RN Into The Music 24 November 2007 - The Bottom End (html). Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved on 2008-01-08.
  5. I'm not kidding here!! Wish I was!
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