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Fruity Loops 9, the latest incarnation of the fun music game by Image-Line

FL Studio Fruity Loops is a PC-only popular music game created by Belgian software developers Image-Line, mainly aimed for children within the 3-10 age bracket. It was dreamt up by avid Toy Story fan Didier Dambrin, inspired by the character 'Mr. Mike', a toy tape recording machine.

A platform based muse-em-up,levels are designed around an 'island' called the Playlist, where players can arrange 'building blocks' called Patterns into music. By clicking the correct buttons, the player can unlock extra levels such as the 'Mixer', the 'Step Sequencer' and the 'Audio Window'.

The aim of the game is to complete challenges and reach the final level, where the player will encounter the 'Boss', Dashboard. The player must figure out how to operate the complicated device to destroy it from the inside; it is an almost impossible task, and only the most experienced players have a chance of defeating it.

Throughout the game, players will encounter random enemies that they must destroy, including 'Latency', 'Frequency Clashing', and 'Procrastination'.

Uniquely, players start the game with 0 health and dies when they reach 100: health can be diminished by enemies overloading the 'CPU' meter, causing clicks and pops to attack the player and reduce health. Players can purchase RAM chips from a third-party website to increase the buffer size of their CPU meter.

FL Studio Fruity Loops is single-player only, although players can go online and play other players via the 'Collab' portal.


An unique aspect of FL Studio Fruity Loops is the characters; or rather, the lack of them. The player is asked to create his or her character in their heads, and upload an avatar or description to a server on Image-Line's website. Popular creations include:

  • Jordan the drug addict ex-con, who fights in the Drum n Bass style.
  • Harry the loveable nerd, who switches between the 'IDM' and 'Psytrance' style.
  • Jermaine the streetwise, popular teenager, who fights in the Grime style.
  • Brittany will only fight in styles from 'authentic', unknown fighters who aren't popular yet.
  • Stu Dent fights and dresses in whatever the most popular style is at the time.


The game inventory contains a vast array of weapons for the player to use in attacking enemies. They vary in damage and size, but all can be used together to create powerful combinations.

Starter Weapons

The following weapons are always possessed by the player, and have a high level of ammo. They are basic and generally used at the start of the game to ease the player in.

  • Fruity Kick is one of the base moves a player possesses. It causes 808 points of damage and has 909 rounds of ammo.
  • Fruity Slicer can chop up an enemy into individual slices. Players can determine the exact points and quantity of slices.

Pick-Up Weapons

  • Fruity Delay* creates CPU controlled clones of the player, with diminishing amount of ability for each clone created. By locating the 'feedback' boost on various sections of the map, the player can increase the amount of clones.
  • Plucked! is a realistic virtual recreation of a Tissue Box with elastic bands stretched over it. Has two functions: Decay, to shorten or lengthen the time taken to reach the waveform's constant level, and Color, to change the appearance of the Tissue Box. Players can choose between Pink, Glittery Sparkle, or Plain. It is a basic weapon found commonly at the start of the game, and causes minimal damage.
  • Wasp is a robotic version of an insect, which temporarily disables the enemy's weapons with annoying buzzing sounds.

Special Weapons

  • ReWire* is randomly hidden in one location on the game. It allows the player to link other games with FL Studio Fruity Loops and incorporate their weapons and levels.
  • Fruity Send* allows players to send weapons and pickups to other players in the game. By increasing the 'dry/wet' mix, the player can send more of their items, but with reduced ammo and damage.
  • Fruity Big Clock* puts a real-time clock in the game, creating day/night settings for the maps. Originally meant as a rather crude joke weapon, an 'L' was accidentally added in programming, and the developers decided it was perhaps better if a clock, rather than a oversized male reproductive organ was added into the game.

VST Cheats

The mass popularity achieved by FL Studio Fruity Loops has resulted in many gamers hacking the algorithm and coding to create thier own weapons and cheats. These modifications are known as 'VSTs', and are frowned upon by Image-Line. Initially, the company attempted to block external cheat VSTs via extra coding, but the hackers repeatedly found ways around them. Image-Line reluctantly allowed the VST cheats to remain, but made them to difficult to install and unstable, with repeated crashing of the game everytime such an instance was loaded.

Popular VST Cheats

  • Native Instruments Kontakt - Allows the player to 'sample' audio from other games and convert them into weapons.
  • Izotope Ozone - Instant mastering of the game
  • Waves PAZ Frequency Analyzer - Unlocks all hidden levels
  • Antares Autotune - Turns player into an indestructible robot
  • Melodyne - Reverses robot cheat
  • Vanguard- Sends all enemies into an instant trance, overusage causes damage to player
  • Waves C4 - Highly explosive bomb
  • Waves Morphoder - Morph into any animal the player desires
  • Albino - Highly controversial invisibility shield.
  • Blue - Adds adult imagery and cut-scenes to the game.

FL Studio Fruity Loops in Commercial Music

The success of FL Studio Fruity Loops in establishing itself as the leading music game in its field has resulted in recognition in other media. Many popular music artists are devout players, and have converted game saves into music for commercial chart release.

Soulja Boy

One of the highest ranking players of FL Studio Fruity Loops is American rapper Soulja Boy. His most popular game save, entitled 'Crank Dat', achieved critical and commercial acclaim, peaking at number one in the US and UK Charts. Observers have praised the extremely basic and child like feel of the track; the sounds in

'Crank Dat' are reminiscent of old music gaming systems, such as a Casio Keyboard. He has since gone on to upload other popular game saves, such as 'Yahh','Kiss Me Thru The Phone' and 'Pretty Boy Swag', each retaining Soulja Boy's infantile but unique sound.

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