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“Those who can, do. Those who can't teach. Those who can't teach - Teach P.E. Those who have frontal lobes, don't bother to apply and die.”
~ Frontal Lobes
“I haven't got frontal lobes, I have two brains.”
~ Somebody in denial on Frontal Lobes
“I'll have you know I'm proud of my cranium promenance.”
~ A freak on Frontal Lobes

Frontal Lobes is an increasingly rare, although typically used phrase to describe irregular bumps or extrudes from ones forehead. Although the exact origin is unknown, the form of the word has evolved from the amusing, however overused colloquialism 'Tithead'. The general use of the phrase 'Frontal Lobes' is nearly always used in insult, and often by those of a higher intellect then people who attatch the suffix '-head' to almost any word, avoiding all relevance and often grammar. An example might be 'arseholehead' which shows the pathetic grammar and lexis of today's youth. Yo, init, g-unit, shizzle, handle ma gat. No, we can't understand it either.

Many Euphenisms have been associated with the term 'Frontal Lobes' and it is here where the word's upper class demeanor has been subject to change over time. Whereas the original meaning derived from 'head tits', the commonly used word has gathered further meaning which branches off into more immature humourisms. It is widely believed the term from the recent Borat movie 'love explosion' was originally a phrase to describe the effect should a football collide with the forehead of any possessor of these cursed lobes. Think custard explosion. Or don't, its perhaps better for you that way.

It is said that the lobes, can possibly contain and secrete a liquid which is neither urine nor sperm. The Frontal Lobes have long been scientifically accepted as a freak of Nature and unique to the holder. The only correlation between reported cases have been the origins of Gypsy and the activities associated with Necrophillia although the singular anomaly is the case of Thomas Smith of the shire, who was raised by a pack of orks. He has no outrageous exploits, however he simply loves the male arse.

There are many alternative names for these irregular frontal lobes. The most common being Temple boobs, Head tits, Extruding bosom, Petruding mounds, secretion head glands, Nipple head, Cranium Prominence, Forehead valley. There are other names but these occur in localised areas. These are the most referals when searching the phrase Frontal Lobes. The latin term for frontal lobes is Lobus Frontalis. Use it in an essay or something.

edit Recent Experiments and Research

Scientists have long been fascinated by the freak of nature that is the Frontal Lobes. Myth has it that Hitler once discovered a possesor of the 'Cranium Prominence'. His experiments have been lovingly adopted by the scientists of today, who evidently have too much time on their hands. These experiments range from the search for Earth's source of anti-matter to the hilarious yet inconclusive "lets throw things at this head and make the lobes explode". Results have varied from subject to subject as scientists continue to probe the bumps in their general ignorance, captivated by their repugnant and simply weird nature. Those of the medical profession have long tried to tempt out the secreted liquid by engaging in sensual stimulation and freakish massage. When the subject is found to be aroused, the sperm-like disharge is found to ooze from the nippli found under the skin of the Frontal Lobes. The naturistic reason for this is unknown but the American institution of pointless, hilarious and discriminative research (AIOPHDR) continues to search painstakingly.

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