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“Well, You know what a Freudian slip is? It's when you think one thing and say your mother.”

A Freudian ship, er, make that a Freudian slip is when a person wishes to slay, er say something, but his or her repressed and angst-ridden sub-conscious mind makes them say something udderly, er utterly different, often filled with awkward convent, er content.

edit How Freudian Slips arise


An owl after making a Freudian Slip

Freudian slips usually happen when you're thinking of other things - make that other things than you're actually stalking abou-, we mean talking about. It is a commonly accepted theory that Freudian slips reveal the actual intention of the peeper, er...speaker much better than what he or she intended to say.

Sometimes, usual unintentional slips are considered as Freudian slips, even if they don't occur because of absent-mindedness of the spanker, we mean speaker.

It cunt can happen that the speaker notices he said something wang, er wrong, but often neither he or she does, nor does the audience. When people usually do notice, tits all right because well bred people will over look an honest mistake.

edit Psychology

Freud claims that any slip will reveal the deeper thoughts of the speaker on in-depth Analist. This process, however, can require a lot of time and unexperienced analsysts will often fail in trying to decode it.

Of course, this always presumes a subconscious or preconscious intention. Again, the knowledge about the psychological background of Freudian strips requires further investigations.

edit Excellent examples of a Freudian Slip are:

To a female: I really like your boobs.

The man was probably thinking of saying "I really like your poodle", but "boobs" popped up in the copulation as the man wants to have sex with the female. Wait, did I just say "copulation"? I meant conversation.... CONVERSATION!

To your teacher: Yeah, it's totally true. I got it off Uncyclopedia.

You were probably thinking of saying "Yeah, it's totally true, I got this from those bastards at Wikipedia", but "Uncyclopedia" popped up in the sentence, since you know that Wikipedia is always wrong and full of flies.

About someone to someone: He's such a gay chap.

Now, this is a bit more complicated. First of all, it's British, second of all, the Freudian Slip does not come out in the uttered sentence itself. But I cannot be bothered so I won't explain this. But, FYI, the slip is quite obvious here, obviously.

You to your wife: I bought a prostitute yesterday.

Now, this is a classic. You want to lie to your wife and say "whore", but the truth slips out and you say "prostitute". This slip is usually followed by sex on the woman's part, but sadly, the sex won't be with you.

To A Friend in costume: I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!

This obviously reveals that the speaker generally sees you naked. Perhaps he/she has just accidentally disclosed an intimate relationship, or perhapse the speaker fantasizes about you.

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