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The Freezing Moon is one of many dark and evil tracks on influential black metal band Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album.

edit Subject Matter

As in many 'slow' black metal songs the freezing moon is about walking round in leather and corpse paint in the depths of the frostbitten scandinavian wilderness and being evil.

edit Inspiration

One day one of the evil members of Mayhem, most likely Dead (The Person) was walking round in his leather and corpse paint in the depths of the frostbiten scandinavian wilderness. He was being evil at the time. He became "obsessed" by the moon and declared it to be freezing as it was quite cold at the time due to it being summer in Norway. This is reflected in his lyrics:

Everything Here Is So Blah
Everything Here Is So South Park
(Unknown)(Unknown)Frozen Dicks!(Unknown)The Freezing Moon!


Everything here is so blah
Everything here is so South Park
I remember it as from a preem
In the corner of dis slime
Diabolic shapes coat thigh
Out from South Park
I remember it was here I fly
By following the freezing coon
It's bright again
Winona Ryder so beautiful
I have her phone number
On this
Night of hunger
So I'll give her a call
Picnic under the freezing moon

edit Reception


Many fans who like the idea of being evil and spending time in the frostbitten wilderness of Norway consider this song an anthem. Many of the people who are not fans, or who do not like the idea of being evil and spending their time in the frostbitten wilderness of Norway believe that this track was simply noise from one of the other tracks on the deathcrush album slowed down.


Unfortunetly nobody has ever heard the song live. Despite many fans being present at the time of the performance, The Freezing Moon has never been the starting number at any performance and therefore by the time The Freezing Moon is performed fans' hearing is already substantailly damaged enough to nullify any chance of hearing the song.

Although no fans have actually heard the song live Mayhem have utilized various recording techniques such as putting a microphone 14km away in order to capture the sound of a live performance. Look up Mayhem on Youtube.

Live performances of the song by Mayhem are usually accompanied by acts of unholy evil. These include cutting up animal corpses, cutting each other, slow headbanging and stareing evilly into the audience.

edit Ownership Issues

Though Mayhem have the song recorded on their Deathcrush album a band named The True Mayhem also claim ownership to the title. Mayhem and The True Mayhem both perform this song live.

edit Recent Events

On the 14th of June 2007 Mayhem had to make an official statement of statement about their song. The Document Read

The members of Mayhem would like to address some issues that have arisen regarding our song entitled The Freezing Moon. First and Foremost we never intended to give the impression that the moon was literally freezing or frozen at any time. Though at the time Dead considered the moon to be freezing or frozen he had since recognised that in fact the moon was not freezing. Dead maintained all his life up until when he blew his head off. Mayhem has always used the freezing moon as a metaphor for the scarce survival of the fittest frostbitten scandinavian wilderness. Secondly we would like to apologise to N.A.S.A and any other space, astronomy and astrology associations or organisations who may have carried out their activities under the perception that the moon was freezing or frozen due to our song. Thirdly Mayhem are still evil and True and plan on spending lots of time in the forest looking evil.

N.A.S.A has accepted the apology though is still yet to recover the financial damage of the lunar modules landing equipment purchased.

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