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The dreadful alien overlord that blew up Goku's home planet or... a Pokémon?

A freezer is a device not wholly unlike a refrigerator but notably cooler. More precisely, it maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water. It may also refer to other things that have the ability to freeze things. For instance, an ice cream freezer can be used to make and freeze ice cream. Similarly, a human testicle freezer can be used to... um, actually, let's not go there.

Because the Japanese apparently like to name stuff "Freezer" or "Furīzā" (フリーザー) as the Japanese would pronounce it, it may also refer to:

  • Articuno, a first generation Pokémon from the days when the franchise was still sort of original, which is a blue bird that can shoot ice beams.
  • Frieza, one of the earlier antagonists in Dragon Ball Z from when the series still made some kind of sense, who's some kind of alien that shoots beams that blow stuff up, rather than freezing them, but apparently his family has a let's-name-our-kids-after-cold-stuff thingy going on. He also lacks a penis, or any other indication of being male, and thus the obvious choice for the English dub's voice actor was someone who sounds like an old lady.
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