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Freebutchery is a paramasonic, esoteric, initiatory, fraternal secret society whose roots lie in the trade of butchers. It is composed of an outer, an inner, and a secret order.


According to traditional text of The Zehrmark, Freebutchery is said to have originated as a revival of earlier spiritual practices which date back to the High Priests of Israel and the Temple of Solomon. Current Freebutchers (mostly of the inner and secret orders) claim to be the modern "torchbearers" of Melchizedek.


The symbolic myth of Freebutchery claims that there was a primordial butcher, epitomized by the High Priests of Israel slaughtering a heifer to Yahweh, in which the nation's souls are purified. This mythology is reenacted through various ritual dramas, which are to climax to a "Most High Secret" in the later degrees. Some speculate that this is the knowledge of a higher deity that is greater than those of mainstream religious systems.


Little is known about the practices of the Freebutchers, other than the practices of the Freebutchers initiation ceremony. First, Freebutcher pledges are selected from among the best butchers in the world. Next, the pledges are put through a rigorous game of "Know Your Cuts of Meat!" (a trivia type game poularized by prestigous Freebutcher, David Letterman), and finally, the pleadges are given six hours to prepare, and eat, a Turbaconducken (the Turbaconducken is a is a meal commonly prepared for Freebutcher gatherings which consists of a de-boned chicken stuffed inside of a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed with a de-boned turkey, all wrapped in a triple layer of bacon).


The traditional meal of Turbaconducken.

Many pledges do not make it through the initiation process either because the idea of creating a monstrostiy such as the Turbanconducken is too much for their conscience to handle, or because the pledge suffers a heart attack midway through the eating of the Turbaconducken.

Current activitiesEdit

Though elusive, Freebutchery operates under the guise of several front organizations, such as Ordos Sanctus Cibus,, the Temple Institute, and the Odinic Rite. Several conspiracy theorists claim that the goal of Freebutchery is to sacrifice the red heifer at the building of the Third Temple, thus instigating global war. This war is theorized to result in a global theocracy with the Freebutchers as the world's spiritual and political leaders.


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