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Fred. Fred?

Face it. By now, in your pathetically short life, you should know that Fred is actually Bob's Father, Mother, Little sister, Highschool French teacher and sodomy partner. Bob despises him because of this. Fred is actually the rainbow (Otherwise Ghey) Wiggle. Fred likes Chocolate, but not as much as he enjoys devouring bloody chainsaws. He evolves into Cornholio at 4 in the mornin'. Fred is a day old fetus unborn baby that grew up to be Daniel Suwandhi, which ironically also happens to be his mom.
FredFred Astaire
Fred BassetFred DibnahFred Flintstone
Fred PhelpsFred Reich
Fred Sanford
Fred Thompson
Freddie MercuryFreddy Krueger
Freddy Mercury AggregateFreddy v. Jason
Frederick, MarylandFrederick Gibberd
Frederick the GreatFredric Wertham

And there's also UnBooks:Fred.

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