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Fran Drescher, also known as The Savior of Humanity is a magical being with magical powers. Though some believe her voice to be the work of the devil, it is actually the call of the angels. Of course, you wouldn't know because you are not receptive to angel calls. She is the inventor of modern comedy (although you probably don't know this either). Haterz beware, because Fran will smite you if you disapprove.

Early Life and Career

Fran Drescher descended from the womb of God unto earth in 1 A.D. She roamed the earth as a spirit, watching over the comedians of late, until 1957, in which she was born to Sylvia and Mort Drescher in typical Jesus fashion, minus the barn and donkeys shining star and whatnot. She remained relatively unknown until starring in several well-known movies such as This is Spinal Tap. Also, she proved her mad dancing skillz to John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

The Nanny

In 1993, Fran teamed up with Charles Shaughnessy, the offspring of the British God of Good Looks, to form a cure for comedic cancer. This cure took form of The Nanny, a glorious sitcom in which Fran proves her awesomeness. Though it is widely regarded to some as annoying, it does not matter, for those who do not appreciate the humor of Fran Drescher are doomed to be smited. They just don't know it yet.

The Bottom Line

FRAN DRESCHER IS THE EPITOME OF AWESOME. If you don't believe this, you're in denial. :P

“Fran Drescher is my gift to the world.”
~ God

LEAVE MY PAGE ALONE. Fran's gospel needs to be spread.

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