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Trash Offering

Welcome to the Village Dump. Oh, yeah. Unlike a village pump, we throw crap out here, instead of making water cooler conversation. Make community-relevant discussion here. This is it. Follow the links below for other discussion areas; any topic posted in the Dump that should go somewhere else will be moved without mercy. Finally, if you were looking for the current or full xml database dumps, they can be found here.

Jesus! Only 2 days left to nominate and vote for Writer of the Month, Noob of the Month and Uncyclopedian of the Month, GET VOTING!!

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Booger King by Manforman13:31, September 5, 2007 by Manforman
Stalin Rule? by Capercorn21:20, September 5, 2007 by Insineratehymn
The war against WiPs by Thekillerfroggy13:39, September 9, 2007 by Strange but untrue
Yo, slut list, mofos! by Ljlego22:53, October 23, 2007 by Strange but untrue
Volunteers for Template:DidYouKnow editing by Un-Zork Implementor L13:57, September 9, 2007 by Strange but untrue
Best photoshop edition by Nordamus16:56, September 10, 2007 by One-eyed Jack
200XCruft by Bonner23:23, September 5, 2007 by Hinoa
Rewrite-a-thon starts today!!!!!!111 by THE00:18, September 2, 2007 by TheLedBalloon
Self-Nominations on VFH by The fatgoat01:13, September 2, 2007 by One-eyed Jack
How do I make templates? by Natron02:16, September 1, 2007 by Modusoperandi
Johan Anderson by, September 2, 2007 by
Something's happening here, what it is... by One-eyed Jack22:26, August 31, 2007 by One-eyed Jack
"Rewrite-a-thon" by THE00:51, September 7, 2007 by Rangeley
Speaking of things sucking... by Dr. Skullthumper20:27, September 9, 2007 by An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays
Why was "The word parakeet written exactly two hundred and forty-two times" deleted? by Starnestommy00:23, August 31, 2007 by Ljlego
Chuck Norris rewrite by Ljlego10:38, September 1, 2007 by Matt lobster
External images SUCK by Sannse17:41, September 14, 2007 by Mhaille
Some fine whoring of a useless thing by High Gen. Grue22:40, August 30, 2007 by TheLedBalloon
Public Invitations to Satiropendium by Jocke Pirat05:09, September 1, 2007 by Pieface
10 things you did not know about Uncyclopedia by Un-Zork Implementor L21:08, August 30, 2007 by Mordillo
John Kerry's article by Anklebab01:34, August 29, 2007 by One-eyed Jack
Why can't I edit "nobody cares"? by Oliver918421:12, August 27, 2007 by Electrified mocha chinchilla
The King List? by Oliver918413:21, September 2, 2007 by Oliver9184
Hags, Tags, and Rags by Zombiebaron19:53, August 26, 2007 by Modusoperandi
What happened to The Adventures of a Grue? by Pentium5dot103:50, August 28, 2007 by Pentium5dot1
Today's featured picture by Rataube11:35, August 27, 2007 by Oliver9184
My Article by Manforman20:59, August 26, 2007 by Cainad
Need help: Article: Things that Suck by, September 1, 2007 by The fatgoat
What happened ? Found a puddle of molten metal....... by, August 26, 2007 by Tha Machine

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