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Trash Offering

Welcome to the Village Dump. Oh, yeah. Unlike a village pump, we throw crap out here, instead of making water cooler conversation. Make community-relevant discussion here. This is it. Follow the links below for other discussion areas; any topic posted in the Dump that should go somewhere else will be moved without mercy. Finally, if you were looking for the current or full xml database dumps, they can be found here.

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Help Bring Dawn Back by Banjo2e06:27, October 17, 2007 by Pentium5dot1
UnNews Template Quality Control by Savethemooses18:52, October 1, 2007 by Spang
A potential modification to ICU by Starnestommy01:10, September 29, 2007 by Spang
Subpage Clearout by Bonner09:58, September 30, 2007 by Vosnul
UnNews Main Page Quality Control and the return of zim by Zim ulator19:55, September 26, 2007 by Zim ulator
Category Error by Banjo2e02:22, September 27, 2007 by Spang
Vampire template by Ubergrue15:13, October 7, 2007 by Pongo Version 2
Lexicon by Skaramuche01:52, September 30, 2007 by Boomer
To prevent noobs from creating more invidual Pokemon articles by Un-Dark Paladin X22:50, September 26, 2007 by Modusoperandi
Why are so many pages fully protected? by IrishBlackRose13:56, September 26, 2007 by Modusoperandi
VFD'd talk pages by Starnestommy00:02, September 28, 2007 by Strange but untrue
What's the standard policy when we think an article blows? by BrandtSponseller12:18, September 26, 2007 by BrandtSponseller
Whoring my "Services" by Villahj Ideeut22:56, September 24, 2007 by Villahj Ideeut
Continuation of net authority forum by Ubergrue20:39, September 28, 2007 by Electrified mocha chinchilla
Anyone Out There ? by, September 25, 2007 by Spang
What do you think? by Moneke20:52, September 23, 2007 by Vosnul
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO UNCYCLOPEDIA ?! by, September 29, 2007 by Scott
Retiring UGotM? by Spang01:09, September 26, 2007 by Ljlego
Who huffed chuck norris facts? by Tauntz22:26, September 22, 2007 by Ljlego
Whoever did this is a genius by Modusoperandi05:42, September 21, 2007 by Modusoperandi
My article by Manforman23:45, September 20, 2007 by Manforman
My article - Was it really featured? by Moneke23:25, September 20, 2007 by Electrified mocha chinchilla
HELP !!!! by, September 20, 2007 by
What is it with the Pirateopedia logo on the top left corner? by Manforman10:35, September 20, 2007 by AAA!
Bring Dawn Back by Banjo2e15:21, September 25, 2007 by Banjo2e
My game! My precious game! by Pongo Version 217:47, September 20, 2007 by Pongo Version 2
SNAFU by Olipro20:10, September 19, 2007 by Hindleyite
Template "speed"... very weird techie question by Cajek01:47, September 19, 2007 by Starnestommy
Ahem. I think I'm going to start writing here more. (Poopy!) by Savethemooses20:32, September 20, 2007 by TheLedBalloon
UnNews Main Page Quality Control by The Thinker23:52, September 18, 2007 by The Thinker

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