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Ahhhh god. Once I tried to login with my Wikia account... ... ... and I was told by Wikia staffs that this wiki has a totally different database... and I not only cannot login with my Wikia account, but also not create an account with my Wikia username (i.e. if nothing special happens, when I get a Uncyc account, it has to be different from my Wikia one.) However, I've seen an idea on someone's message wall (the way Wikia call the User Talk pages), which was posted by a Chinese user (Hey like me I'm Chinese as well) and said if he/she can make an account and then ask an admin (actually not. What's that English word?? be-something... I mean the one who can edit user rights) to rename the user to his Wikia username...

is that okay to do so? Am I able to do so? Who should I contact/which page should I use?? (or maybe some admin can make an account for me, like someone in WP do??)

Wikia user "User670839245" ( Talk) IP: ( My IP's Local Contribs | Block My IP Locally (log)) 18:32, December 9, 2013 (UTC)

Hi, 670839245!
I am neither an admin, nor a be-something (are you thinking of 'bureaucrat'?), but I think I can help you. I don't know why you are not able to create an account with your wikia username (User670839245, right?), as I myself typed it and it said "User account "User670839245" does not exist or has never logged in on this wiki.". See User:User670839245. However, if your user name is really registered, then I don't think anyone (even admins) are allowed to rename users without their consent in order for others to be able to take their user names, if that's what you want, as this is against Wikia's policies. In this case, you cn change the name you want slightly.
Hope that will help you! Anton (talk) 18:47, December 9, 2013 (UTC)
Hello and welcome! It is true that Uncyclopedia has a different user name database from the rest of Wikia, and logging in on one side does not log you in on the other side. It is not true that your Uncyclopedia user name is required to be different from your Wikia name. Please select any Uncyclopedia user name that is not already taken and do not worry about having it be the same as your user name elsewhere (and yours doesn't seem especially notorious). There is a once-per-user-lifetime offer of a name change, and the instructions are at the top of User talk:Sannse. Neither Admins nor bureaucrats can do this for you. Spıke Ѧ 19:00 9-Dec-13
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