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Note: This topic has been unedited for 2242 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

Round 2 Votes Round 1 Votes


First Place

SantaWTC First Place: WTC Santa by Zombiebaron
Image of the year

Second Place

XXXTigerGame Second Place: XXX Tiger Woods Game by MeepStarLives
LOSER Medal 2

Third Place

Ipadjobs Third Place: Ipad by Skinfan13
LOSER Medal 3

Special Mentions

The following images did pretty okay in the first round

Special Thanks

First, a big big thanks to Magic Man for making the awesome award thingies. Very groovy. Thanks to Zombie Baron for suggesting using Image galleries but more importantly for making sure the vote totals on his winning picture were always accurate within one second of a vote that didnt change the vote count, and for keeping the notices up all the time (I assume it was him)

Thanks to Lyrithya for all the formatting and editing. Thats a big hunk of stuff she does here that no one notices. I suppose no one cares. But theres at least one person who does. And that is god our saviour.

And the biggest thanks to Aleister, who did nothing special at all. You are my rock.

And I suppose to Lolipop who didn't at any point in these votes get banned or start an editing war. But the biggest thanks, the biggest thanks is to all of you, you individual uncyclopedians who ignored these votes most of the time and managed to squeeze in something of an interest towards the end. are the real winners.

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