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Note: This topic has been unedited for 1639 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

There are two pages of Oscar Wilde quotes, Unquotable:Oscar_Wilde and Making up Oscar Wilde quotes. Additionally, there is a multi-page database starting at Uncyclopedia:Wilde/A.

It was previously believed that the database was somehow linked to {{Wilde}}. However, from some rooting around, it appears that the database has no coding connection with {{Wilde}}. A quick look at the code shows that {{Wilde}} is a relatively simple quote formatting template, not much different than {{Q}}. At any rate, it does not take a quote from the database, then insert it into the appropriate article.

I think the quotes should be trimmed down to 1 page, probably at Making up Oscar Wilde quotes or Unquotable:Oscar_Wilde, depending of if we want to keep the unquotable project. I have tried to vfd these a few times, but several people think there is some good material on the page, although no one wants to trim it down. --Mn-z 10:40, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Correction, the database is linked through {{OWQ}}. --Mn-z 15:40, February 19, 2013 (UTC)
On the goal of this Forum: Absolutely! An author who impulsively starts an article with a Wildeism, like Chuck Norris or kitten-huffing, is trying to write an article that survives not because it amuses the reader but by trying to load it with ingredients the author has seen elsewhere on Uncyclopedia. This is the concept of a meme as an immunizer from deletion, by which unfunny articles are manufactured from a formula.
Now, on 11-Oct-10, I listed {{OWQ}} on VFD and got the permission of VFD voters to dismantle this perverse system of Wildeisms plus a central repository. I recoded dozens of pages to appear the same while working around it and, for some reason, found it necessary to undo all my work and make a sheepish apology on VFD. Spıke Ѧ 15:55 19-Feb-13

I have no idea why we're using <ul> here, but I like breaking tradition. The tradition of Oscar Wilde quotes is long overdue breaking. And Quoticide is a valid reason for deleting stuff from a page. I use quotes on articles - such as Investigative journalism and Daily News - but the Wilde quotes from people with no idea who Wilde is needs to be cut back. If it's not witty or clever, kill it.                               Puppy's talk page11:09 20 Feb 2013

Sorry, it was by cut-and-pasting from the search bar. I too perform quoticide, especially when out on Patrol and finding that Anon has just added one. My criterion is that it needs to have something to do with either gay perversion or incarceration, and with the article to which it is added. Quotes in general need to have something to do with something, and not be a comic-book rant in all capitals; that breaks the encyclopedia act at the very start. So: good individual solutions, but we mean to discuss wiki-wide solutions. Spıke Ѧ 13:10 20-Feb-13
Wiki-wide is difficult. Personally I dislike {{q}} and {{quote}} as templates for their appearance. But wherever they are transcluded is a good place to start for crappy quotes. I also dislike conversation in quotes. But there is no quick way to eliminate the poor quality and keep the good quality. It's always going to be a case by case endeavour.                               Puppy's talk page01:23 20 Feb 2013
Yes, "bickering quotes" is an instant distraction from the encyclopedia meme and usually takes us into the world of an adolescent TV watcher. PS--One of the first Forums I opened was on the appearance of {{Q}}. I prevailed on a couple small issues, but not on the use of tilde rather than em-dash to introduce the source. At any rate, I override the appearance of {{Q}} with local CSS. (That's what I do when I lose arguments....) Spıke Ѧ 13:31 20-Feb-13

A wonderful quote

“To detest another man's quotes - the words which ably describe the world from form to function and back again - shows a small mind trapped within a middling ego, the porridge stripped of its nutrients and forcefed to midget hermits known for their carpentry skills.”
~ Oscar Wilde on carpenters eating porridge?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Aleister in Chains (talk • contribs)

If you were to look at my unNews articles, you'd find that about 70% of the text is in quotation marks. In the real world, you quote a person with quotation marks in text, rather than as italic header clutter. --Mn-z 08:44, February 23, 2013 (UTC)

Me too, I've never used italics in an unnews, and have only two pages which I've written or rewritten that use top quotes. I do advocate keeping the three or four historic Oscar Wilde pages discussed on VFD, they actually are well defined beginnings of an internet (or at least wikiwide) meme, and historicans would say those are important documents. We are in 99 percent agreement about the Oscar and other quotes on most pages, random fluff, and I've often done quoteicides on pages. Aleister minutes later
The purpose of the wiki is not to create a commentary upon itself. We don't need an article entitled The History of iCarly pages on Uncyclopedia. The only who care are those who were there when it actually happened. --Mn-z 08:59, February 23, 2013 (UTC)
Icarly did not become the site's mascot, Oscar and Sophia have. And Oscar Wilde was a one man uncyclopedia of his time, so is a fitting mascot. The history of how that came about, in Oscar's case, is, as I say, historic to a historian. If history was only for those who were there at the time it would be called journalism instead of history. To quote Oscar Wilde: "I am but a mind among minds, kicking dust around and then carefully putting it back where it belongs." Aleister minutes later
Maybe Miranda Cosgrove's Uterus should be the site's new mascot. The whole "Oscar Wilde" thing was funny back in 2006, but we need new and more interesting inside jokes. --Mn-z 09:57, February 23, 2013 (UTC)
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