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Before you all pull out your torches, I'd just like to say that this is not a complaint about all of UN's sideprojects.

Anyway, we have too many namespaces. And by that, I'm not talking about all the ones that everybody uses, like the mainspace, UnTunes:, UnNews:, UnBooks:, etc. etc. I'm also not talking about the ones that no one really uses but we need anyway, such as Help:, MediaWiki:, Uncyclopedia:, User:, File:, Template:, and Category:.

What I'm talking about is, if you search for something and search under "advanced," then you'll find that there are four namespaces that nobody really uses and that we do not need. These are:

  • Message Wall: (thought Wikia left us out of those)
  • Message Wall Greeting: (same as above)
  • RelatedVideos: (what the fuck is that)
  • Thread: (we already have Forum:, dumbasses)

We don't need those; therefore, I say we get rid of 'em. And this is coming from a user who's barely ever on. Who's with me?

--Perv of the month Кıяву Тαгк Сойтяıвs 2012-08-31T00:25


Score: 6

Update from Wikia

Like an African dictator I declare all of your votz null and void because this is not intentional, this is as Zombiebaron mentioned, a bug. So I am filing a report with our engineers to fix the issue which should remove these namespaces from view. I will be sure to let them know you hold the RelatedVideos module in such high regard. --DaNASCAT (talk) 19:10, September 5, 2012 (UTC) @fandom

@DaNASCAT What IS the RelatedVideos module anyway? --Perv of the month Кıяву Тαгк Сойтяıвs 2012-09-05T22:54
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