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Note: This topic has been unedited for 4058 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

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Status of

Hei! Jeg ser at du har reverted min edit hvor jeg informerer om flyttingen av Ikkepedia til Såfremt jeg vet, er det riktig at Ikkepedia har blitt flyttet, og det er nå mye aktivitet på kontra denne wiki'n. Hvis jeg tar grundig feil, si fra. Jeg reverter ikke forsiden nå, men avventer. - Damsleth 12 May 2006.

Hello! I see you have reverted my edit where I inform about Ikkepedia moving to AFAIK, Ikkepedia has been moved, and there's a lot of activity on in comparison to If I am very much mistaken, please let me know. I won't revert the front page, but await your reply. (rough translation of above text)

Hello. I'm sorry to have to reply in English.
It was a shame to see that you have moved on; were there problems here on Wikia? Is there anything we can do to help? There are many advantages in staying at Wikia, and with almost all of the Uncyclopedia family here, there is more possibility for cooperation and growth. The German version is moving to us now, and the Finnish version seems to be having severe server problems, so it may be that you are the only wiki in this group to be outside of Wikia.
On the front page edit: I reverted you because we prefer that other wikis are not advertised on Wikia. Even though you have left, that does not mean that there will not be a wiki here on this subject. The site is still open, and available for someone else to take over if they wish. The interlanguage links on Uncyclopedia and the other Wikia version will go to this site, and maybe that will encourage a Norwegian speaker to start adding content here. We shall see how this goes.
Please let me know if you reconsider your move and would like to stay with Wikia. Hopefully we can help to make that a possibility -- sannse (talk) 12. mai 2006 kl.14:45 (UTC) (Wikia Community Team)
Hi! I'm actually not an administrator for this wiki, I just discovered it and I want to be an active contributor (possibly an administrator in the future). Based on the very low level of activity on this Wiki, I e-mailed the admins and got the response that they had moved to a stand-alone server due to performance issues on this site. I can clearly see the advantages of staying here at Wikia, and I'm sorry for being so "violent" to the front page.
It actually seems that the original team behind this Wiki has abandoned it. How are the rules for changing ownerships of wikis? Are there any difficulties involved with registering a "proper" domain name, and pointing it here? (Like <->
I really want to contribute to this, but I'm not sure where to begin, the wiki having been split in two. I've put some effort into the wiki in the last few days, but such data could be transferred, I guess.
Thanks. - Damsleth 06:46, 19 May 2006 (UTC)
Reply from [1]:
No worry about the main page, I understand the change - the transition when users fork is always a tricky one.
There isn't really transfer of "ownership", because the wikis don't belong to one person. That means it's easy for someone new to adopt a Wikia and start looking after it. I have made you a sysop and a bureaucrat here, which means you have all the buttons necessary to restart this community - including adding new sysops as needed. I've also added you as adopter on the Central discription page. You may like to look at the Administrators' how-to guide on Central.
Redirecting your own domain name to here is no problem. Just register the name you want, and set up a redirect with your registration company. That's the way Desencyclopedie is set up, if you go to then you are redirected to . Having a set up like Uncyclopedia, where all pages are at their own URL, is more difficult. At the moment we are not setting up more of these, but it's something that we hope to offer again in the future (which may mean transferring the domain name to Wikia if you have already registered it).
I hope that's covered everything, please let me know if you need help for anything. And good luck in getting this site back going again! -- sannse (talk) 12:08, 19 May 2006 (UTC)

A clarification

The désencyclopé domain is not another redirect. For whatever reason, fr:utilisateur:philo relinquished it to Wikia, who configured it in such a way that the Désencyclopédie does appear at that address but one cannot log in as Attempt to log in there and you will find yourself logged in to, but still not logged in on the domain. Nothing Philo can do about it now. --Carlb 22:42, 13 July 2006 (UTC)

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