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Uncyclopedian vandalism police (with the rollback permission) see a "rollback" legend in diffs and at Special:RecentChanges. This lets them quickly revert an edit or a string of consecutive edits by the same user. The benefits over Undo are:

  • Rollback works with a single click.
  • Rollback marks the rolled-back edit(s) as "patrolled." With Undo, you have to mark each edit manually so other patrollers don't review the edit(s) again.
  • Rollback doesn't open an edit window.
  • Undo is a regular edit that adds the article to your Watchlist (though you can set My preferences so that editing an article doesn't automatically add it to your Watchlist).

The liabilities are:

  • You sometimes roll back more than you intended; for example, when looking at a RecentChanges listing that doesn't go all the way back.
  • You can't write a Change Summary.

As registered Uncyclopedians are usually entitled to an explanation when their edits are undone (and it is neighborly to give even Anon a reason), this problem disqualifies Rollback for many uses.

Now Furry, our Wikia volunteer crime-fighter, has written a fine little piece of JavaScript that opens a window to ask you for a Change Summary. It works like the optional JavaScript that gives you a tab to send a vandal straight to Ban Patrol, or the other one to list an article at UN:QVFD.

To pick up this behavior, you need to create a file that depends on your user name and on the Uncyclopedia "skin" that you are using (which is shown in My preferences). For example, mine is User:SPIKE/uncyclopedia.js. The file must contain at least the following line:

importScript( "User:Furry/customRollback.js" );

There is a way to customize the effect, documented at UN:HAX. Spıke Ѧ 11:16 8-Jun-13

Brilliant work! And a much better user experience to understand the “why” of a rollback. Give that man/woman/fetish a cookie!                               Puppy's talk page04:21 08 Jun 2013

Rollback without separate confirmation page

copied from UN:HAX; the magician again was Furry

The Rollback button in Special:RecentChanges or in a diff report normally diverts your browser window from the page you were looking at to a confirmation page. The confirmation page gives you a one-click option to return to some page, which is often the right one. To instead stay on the same page and simply replace the Rollback button with a legend ("Gone!"), add the following line to your personal JavaScript file on Uncyclopedia:

importScript( "User:Furry/ajaxPatrol.js" );

("ajax" is "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML," the technology that lets programs modify a web page without reloading it.) Spıke Ѧ 13:29 25-Jun-13

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