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help I have had alot of problems, I am in china right now. I like to try to write articles for this website. this is my second attempt at an article, but I have language difficulties. not many of the help pages are in english as of right now. I am not a genius at computers, and less of a genius at chinese language. I cannot even figure out how to submitt a pee review request with the language problem on this computer here. I have formating issues all over the place because I can't read the f.a.q. very much. I had someone on here help me last night and for that I am grateful, I need help with an article on pauly shore.I wrote the article just now, and I need someone to explain to me in english how to submit a pee review or help me personally with the article before it gets deleted. I will be very grateful for any help just now. criticism welcome The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mitch conn (talk • contribs)

First what you should do is either put the draft of the article at "User:Mitch Connor/'article-name'", or type it in a word document until it is done. Then, only when it is really good should you add it to the Uncyclopedia. I don't know about Pee-Review, I've never used it myself.
PS, this should be in the "Help" forum, not in BENSON, because... you need help, not someone yelling at you and proclaiming his greatness. Mr. Briggs Inc. 13:43, 25 February 2007 (UTC) Eh?
YOU NEED HELP. I AM GREAT. Benson 16:40, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

Uh, none of the pages here are in Chinese. If text is showing up Chinese here, it's probably because of your browser, not uncyclopedia. Try turning off any translating software. Spang talk 17:03, 25 Feb 2007

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