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Happy Birthday Uncyclopedia! Whatever else is happening, everyone should come and celebrate this birthday. That's a long time for a site to come together and grow, and those early times must have been hard, but hard like a wild west rodeo floor, with the sawdust getting way up into the crotch area. But they kept on riding the wild west, and somehow got into a site with thousands of featured articles - thousands! Articles which are almost features may be in the thousands. This place grew! So whatever the next day brings, a salute to Uncyclopedia, Sophia, Oscar, and the light of their eternal energy. Happy 7th Birthday!!!!! Aleister 23:09 4-1-'13

It is actually our 8th birthday. I'm so happy that we are celebrating by moving to our new URL. We're having a wild party in IRC everyone should come join in!!!! -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 23:13, January 4, 2013 (UTC)
Eight, I just didn't add the years. lol, I'm lol so much it's hard to type. It makes it even more of a satirical and fun title. Aleister 23:20 4-1-'13
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