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Hi. My name is NXWave. You may think that I'm here for the reasons you expect; however I'm here for different reasons...

The skirmish that happened in Charlottesville, Virgina is one of the most unforgivable atrocities in the history of mankind; people died being ran over by a car going full speed at protesters, fights broke out and most importantly, the nazi white supremacists showed that they were now a recognizable force, one that couldn't be messed with.

What does this have to do with this site... Well, hate to tell you this but SPIKE has voted for Donald Trump who won the election; he may claim it's for "comedy" but I have not seen anything on this wiki that even constitutes as satirizing or even remotely funny. In fact the UnNews here seems to avoid any serious attacks on Trump to the point where very few news pieces even do anything meaningful with Trump; in fact they don't focus on Trump at all...

Uncyclopedia was created as a site of entertainment, a parody and a satire of Wikipedia. When you read how Uncyclopedia praises USA, you get a similar feeling to The Onion in that they overtly praise USA as "the best country ever that can do no wrong".

However, The Onion is actively using it's writers to write what I think is the funniest, most scathing shit about Trump I will ever read in my lifetime.

When Uncyclopedia "split in two" in 2013... I was unsure of what would happen and whether or not it would be for the better. Of course Uncyclopedia as a whole is inactive but one side is doing better in creating content and articles that reflect what quality is and appeal to today's audience while another side is popular but is stuck in it's glory days and won't move on with the times.

I can safely say that "splitting in two" was the right decision.

In the 4 years since the split, the true colors of SPIKE have shown... Before the split, he was seen as a contributor who everybody on Uncyclopedia liked and respected but after the split, he has shown himself to be egotistical, manipulative, controlling, ignorant and a complete dick; you think that's bad? the fact that he has done nothing to condemn the riots or Trump's behavior has shown me that he is a nazi, white supremacist, alt-right piece of shit.

He hordes more awards than any Uncyclopedia in history, he actively proclaims his "ranks" as if they mean something, he has followers who support his views and even have powers and is essentially... well, NXWave.

SPIKE took the reigns of this Uncyclopedia not because it was the first, but because he wanted a wiki for which he could own and control. All of his interaction with users have been to down him and show who's boss... when welcoming users it's not with a friendly hello, it's often the Oh Dear welcome template. Almost 99% of the articles aren't by other contributors; they're by SPIKE himself and do you remember a time when a lot of people were recording UnNews Audio? Guess what, he is the only person to record audios for every article including ones he writes himself. It's a low blow when you record your own articles and UnNews pieces.

The site only stands for one reason, to generate Wikia some income but it isn't for new articles; it's for the old articles that past members of this site have written and because Wikia knows SEO, their version is often on top.

This version of Uncyclopedia shouldn't even be called Uncyclopedia; it should be called "SPIKEpedia: The comedy wiki that's home to SPIKE, the greatest comedy writer and audio recorder in history".

I cannot stand by while a clear racist asshole uses the site to satisfy his boredom and his ego. He and anybody connected to him should not have control of this site any longer and Wikia should take steps to ensure that a clear-cut nazi cannot gain control of this site ever again.

I'm explicitly putting it out there, I do not condone a nazi Trump supporter called SPIKE and how he runs the site and as long as he is in charge, I will not recognize or acknowledge this version of Uncyclopedia. People died in Virgina, terror is everywhere in the US and if you're too chickenshit to distance yourself from that, to realize that Trump is destroying this country then you should not run Uncyclopedia.

I will be contacting Wikia and making sure that they take proper action. The history is clearly there and because Wikia does not allow for the easy removal of history like our Uncyclopedia does, good luck trying to delete it without leaving a trail.

I just crossed over to this side to post this letter. My IP is in my signature, you can block my IP as I want nothing to do with this bigotry. However, don't think I'm not serious about contacting Wikia; your behavior and your blind support of Trump has shown you incapable of not only running this site but being a human being.


-- 00:26, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

Just so that we're clear here, this was linked to me in IRC and my response was as follows:
[17:51] <RAHB> Uh
[17:51] <RAHB> Okay well that's...interesting
[17:52] <RAHB> SPIKE hasn't edited in over a month and I'm pretty sure you're reporting him to wikia for something that you have no proof of
[17:52] <RAHB> He voted for Donald Trump but so did lots of people who have disavowed his recent actions
[17:52] <RAHB> He's a jackass for voting for Trump but Wikia isn't going to delete their version of Uncyclopedia or whatever because of that
[17:52] <RAHB> I really don't understand what you hope to accomplish with that forum post
[17:53] <RAHB> On a side note though, "You may think that I'm here for the reasons you expect; however I'm here for different reasons..." is the most hilarious sentence I've ever read
The forked version of Uncyclopedia doesn't support Nazis but we're also not calling a guy who hasn't even been here in a month to discuss an issue that happened several days ago a Nazi. This post is absurd and that is coming from a person who has a few issues myself with the way SPIKE and Wikia do things. And I think most rational people in our neck of the woods will agree. -RAHB 00:59, August 18, 2017 (UTC)
I will take issue as regards as to which Uncyclopedia is the fork RAHB (this is the Spoon!) but this is absurd post from NXWave writing here as an Anon to remove a user from Wikia hosted Uncyclopedia. --LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ITRA (Orate) ® 05:39, August 18, 2017 (UTC)
Many of us have been saddened by the bullying for years...and are eager to come back and breathe life and content into this place. But adding trump and Neo-Nazis doesn't help. Who cares who voted for who or their ideologies? Make people see your side through humour in a satirical article. Otherwise, focus on your claims, document the abuse well with numerous clear examples and quoted text, leave U.S. politics out of it, and present your polished case to the crats and wikia staff. Forget Trump and Charlotte. 16:05, August 18, 2017 (UTC)
Spike (with all the renaming that occurred some time back when the username database of this wiki and Wikia were merged, he now is Spike instead of SPIKE) has taken a break from this wiki that has lasted more than a month now. I have sometimes disagreed with him on some issues, and I certainly disagree with his politics. I agree he has sometimes been impatient with and abusive to new editors, and I find this more of a problem than his political views up until recent events. I let him speak his mind on his talk page, and he lets me speak my mind on my talk page, but we both know when the discussion is starting to go nowhere. I think if anything, Spike is probably more a moderate conservative. This is a good thing if true, because the moderates are starting to distance themselves from the loony fringes (FINALLY). With that said however,

I have noticed he has tried to suppress liberal points of view especially in UnNews, claiming he didn't want the wiki "to be about politics". I wrote an UnPoetia, which was initially moved into my userspace for "not being funny". I posted the exact same UnPoetia on the other site. While Kip, an admin for the other site also told me it wasn't funny enough as it was, he actually had a great suggestion for how to fix it. So I fixed it on both sites, though in slightly different ways on each site. The fixed version has not been removed from this site at this time.

I definitely did not vote for Trump, but I respect others' rights to vote as they see fit, provided they respect my right to vote as I see fit. I do NOT respect the rights of Nazi groups to stage demonstrations that EVERYONE knows are going to turn violent. My husband is ethnically Jewish, and so anti-Semitism hits very close to home for us. We are both "white", but not all whites are privileged - especially if they happen to be Jewish, Jews were discriminated against almost as much as blacks, and in some cases more (concentration camps vs. whippings/lynchings). Even now, there is still prejudice against "gingers" in some areas of Europe - people who happen to have red hair. And if you are obese, like I am, there is plenty of prejudice against obese people, even when pharmaceuticals are a contributing factor (Google "side effects weight gain"). So people can go around playing the victim, playing the "we are discriminated against more than you" game, but it is better to try to move on in the absence of active racism. However, the KKK demonstration showed clearly that racism is still alive and well, sadly. But those of us who have been watching have known that racism is still active, hence the reason that "Black Lives Matter" and similar groups have formed - due to apparent racism in law enforcement ranks in certain areas. (The fact that black men are not allowed by law enforcement to open carry while white men are allowed to open carry is proof.) The white supremacists were asked NOT to assemble, but they did anyway, thinking they could play the victim card too and claim reverse discrimination when chaos ensued, as it inevitably did. One would've had to be living in a cave or watching FAKE NEWS to not know that there was going to be a counter-protest (or several!) to that kind of protest.

Bottom line: We need more balance in editors and content on this wiki - if an article is liberal POV, it will not be funny to conservatives. If an article is conservative POV, it will not be funny to liberals. I had become inactive on this wiki both because I am working more this summer than I had been the last 5 summers, and because I had grown tired of the conservative slant on this wiki. As NXWave admits, we have produced more quality content recently - this is because quality standards are enforced, and low-quality articles/unfinished articles are userspaced almost immediately. (We now userspace these instead of ICUing them/construction tagging them due to too few admins here to maintain ICU/WIP.) Unfortunately, since Spike has been our QA for the most part up to about a month ago, this meant that unfinished liberal POV articles do not receive any suggestions for improvement from him, only a referral to HTBFANJS. His emphasis on "Poe's law" really has been an issue sometimes. This is because "Poe's law" is a more advanced lesson than most sheer beginners (and especially 13 to 15 year olds with too much time on their hands) are usually capable of. Likewise with title formatting. The result is that many beginners here, being forced to learn too much too fast, drop out. When they want to socialize with other editors, they are basically accused by Spike of being attention whores, which is why those who want camaraderie with other writers leave. This is the greater issue here, not how Spike voted in 2016, nor the fact that he hasn't returned yet from his leave of absence to make a statement. -- Simsilikesims(♀GUN) Talk here. 01:01, August 20, 2017 (UTC)


Hey, I'm not terribly active these days. I don't appear to be able to log in. I concur with the OP that this site has an 'editorial'. It's a great sadness on my part to see my work and the site used in this way.-- 09:40, August 20, 2017 (UTC)

Hi Sycamore, have you tried logging in with username UN-Sycamore? Last year the name database here was merged with the rest of wikia and the ones here that had different emails but duplicated names elsewhere were renamed with an UN prefix the n is lower case but my spell correct is messing it up. -- Simsilikesims(♀GUN) Talk here. 17:21, August 20, 2017 (UTC)

From time to time I've been guest here, adding news. Spike surprised me by his pro-active kind of criticism. He reworked half of my works completely, of course in better style from American view. He's open for good ideas, only some nice details get lost when he's stormin' to change a new article. But better a guest's article gets this chance to survive than none. Thus it's simply unfair by a member of a cocurrent wiki to post here like a humour supremacist full of prejudice against Trump voters. Of course Trump is terrible as president, but there were others before him, for example super racist Andrew Johnson who reset the status of the freed slaves to the lowest level as before the Civil War, making all the victims of that war totally in vain. Trump has a last chance after having banned alt-right Bannon from the White house, a chance not to have a Presidency at the lowest possible level as Johnson did have. He's an internet addict, and as such he needs similar help like an alcoholic. Does anybody of You know about Washington D.C.s surfers anonymous group? Twitter its address and weekly meeting time to Donald, and pray to God that he'll attend those lessons. These anonymous groups are the most succesful help for any addict of any drug! Help him, pray, and I guess God will bless America again. U. Kulick 17:46, August 20, 2017 (UTC)

Since we are all going off topic here, I am going to close and lock this forum. --LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ITRA (Orate) ® 00:33, August 21, 2017 (UTC)