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yeah, why??

Hi. The O.J. Simpson, I haven't seen that much. Oscar Wilde isn't used much anymore, but was in old pages from six or seven years ago. Oscar is the site's mascot and patron saint, along with Sophia Loren. Wilde was actually a one-man uncyclopedia of his day, and should be read more often. These were memes, and were used by people to make easy stupid jokes. For the sites best articles check out my page (hahahahahah heeheeheeheehahahaha) or the "Random feature" button on the left navigation list. Features at least have to contain some satire and have substance, and usually can stand on their own six legs and give a unique twist to something ununique.
And since you made a forum and knew how to do that, can I ask you something? How did you hear of uncyclopedia, and what do you think of the site overall? I personally haven't had much feedback from people I don't know, and in my real life have never met anyone who has heard of the site unless I tell them about it. Do your friends ever speak highly or lowly of the site? Thanks, your question just caught me in a curious mood. Aleister 11:06 19-2-'13

aleisterYou want some opinion here's my opinion. But first i hope that im in the right place to write my reply coz im kinda lost here. Know what i mean? I dont know where to find the reply option thing.Im too lazy to read the "Beginners Guide key to success manual.So if your reading it now just gimme a sign like Jesus do to hopeless.Anyway, how do i find the infamous Uncyclopedia? Looonnnnnggggg story.So long it have 28 chapters plus the prologue and epilogue part.So to make the long story short,(coz im a busy woman and all of you are not). Im doing some research about "how to:(CENSORED).The word censored is not exist in these site right? Well i'll be the first to break that rule.So i google what i have to google and the amazing thing is there's a result! So the Uncy (short for Uncyclopedia) can i called it Uncy to make it short and cute? The uncy was the first on the list so that's the one that i click.And that's it. The End....Next Chapter....So after i read the article, i read another and another and another one.And i realized that im a "Tab Queen", always a tab queen.100 tabs in one window? No one cant beat that.My favorite category is "how to" coz it was useful in my everyday life, you know what i mean? like these one,[1].I used that to my 8 years old niece, Me: dont you dare to go outside, you want some tentacle rape? Niece: wh-what is tentacle? Me: here read it!

After i read 6 1/2 article i sign up. And to every articles i read there's always an Oscar Wilde jokes,leave that lady alone!The reason why i registered here coz i assumed that you given away some freebies or discount coupon maybe.All in all, if i rate uncy 1 to 10. 10 being the highest and 1 is the lowest of course. I given you 6.9 and for you aleister i will read your article if i have time coz like what i said im a busy woman.

Why do i always forgot to sign! here --Flu 15:50, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

You've come to the right place. Sit your six year old on your lap and read Tantra and People Who Like to Fuck Naked. The first is self explainatory, and the second has a hidden paragraph with links to most of the wikipedia HowTo pages of the work you won't use on this site. Everyone else uses it though, and your six year old niece is a member and was just editing that article last week. Enjoy, and good to meet you. Uncyclopedia honors you with a big meal and music. Aleister 19:35 20-1-'13
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