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I know that DYK's are a low priority for Admin's but there are some really good submissions that should be added. I've been going to Uncyclopedia for a long time now and i see the same DYK's being switched out and in again. Below are a few i though were great.

  • ...that old ladies take 10 sec showers because they don't remember how long they have been in there?
  • ...that if you fall asleep to the Country Music Station you'll wake up racist?
  • ...that eating a banana a day doubles your chances of blindness in later life?
  • ...that oxygen is a highly addictive drug, with 100% of all users becoming addicted with their first hit?

They really should be in the DYK archive along with other great ones. Mr.Plurples>Jesus 20:02, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

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