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Help Forum

Help Forum

Welcome to the Help Forum. For stoat related trouser difficulties, please press 1. For community-related discussion, press 2. For discussions of BENSON, pancakes, or general mayhem, press 3. If you need an admin or wish to bitch about one, press 4.

If you are looking for help, please press 0.

Note: It might be worthwhile going through the old forum topics to see if your question has been answered already. See also Help:Contents.


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TopicLast Edit
Site Crashing by TheSlyFox15:14, May 7, 2011 by Mattsnow
Is it possible to add UnTunes to the ICU? by Username1815:57, May 4, 2011 by Dexter111344
Question about the logo by Kirby-14016:42, May 1, 2011 by Modusoperandi
Signature timestamp by TheSlyFox06:26, April 28, 2011 by TheSlyFox
GIF animations by TheSlyFox04:21, April 23, 2011 by Lyrithya
Redirects question by EpicAwesomeness07:04, April 17, 2011 by EpicAwesomeness
Skins Problem by TheSlyFox06:33, April 1, 2011 by TheSlyFox
Voting won't register on VFH, and other javascript issues by StupidBunny18:41, March 3, 2011 by Mimo&maxus
N00b doesn't know how to attach footnotes to text in his article. by Tickytacky08:18, February 10, 2011 by Modusoperandi
Help on fomatting? by EpicAwesomeness16:09, January 29, 2011 by Lyrithya
How Do You Make A Topic? by Un-DropDragon23:20, January 5, 2011 by DJ Mixerr
Thumbnails not working by Schamschi01:58, November 26, 2010 by Lyrithya
Text formatting by Tephra23:35, October 26, 2010 by Modusoperandi
I'm going to shoot something! by John Lydon18:30, September 29, 2010 by Lyrithya
Vandalism and Sockpuppetry by Lyrithya06:27, September 13, 2010 by Happytimes
Is it ok to save an article as WIP? by Skimaskkass07:19, August 7, 2010 by Andorin Kato
How do you delete this account by Comedydude16:35, August 3, 2010 by Olipro
Images on my please by Spiret905:51, June 26, 2010 by Spiret9
Can you just change anything in a steamroller article? by Gingerbreadlord15:07, June 11, 2010 by RabbiTechno
Making a page active by Buddhafella19:34, May 31, 2010 by Paizuri
MAking new page by Hatertroll00:39, April 22, 2010 by Modusoperandi
Main wikia account by, April 7, 2010 by Necropaxx
Is it possible to have article history deleted? by, April 7, 2010 by Nachlader
VFH template by William Little09:06, April 6, 2010 by William Little
Timestamp Help by Necropaxx16:03, March 10, 2010 by Necropaxx
How to request a deletion of a subpage? by UnEditor51009:08, March 8, 2010 by Necropaxx
VFH question (not what you think) by Skinfan1319:34, February 25, 2010 by Skinfan13
Formatting: Background Image by DrStrange11:11, February 20, 2010 by DrStrange
Images taken by me by, February 9, 2010 by Modusoperandi
Removing ugly, stub on an already ugly, stubby article by Warmonger25611:17, January 24, 2010 by Warmonger256

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