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All of our gadgets for patrolling edits, such as RollbackAll, WatchGadget, and so on, are not working today. Timothy Collins at Wikia says this is a Monobook error that will be fixed "in the morning."

He also says that Wikia will not allow MediaWiki:Common.js--the file that governs user interface of all Uncyclopedia pages--to reference gadgets in userspace. You enable gadgets in one of three ways:

  1. Automatically, by picking up MediaWiki:Common.js
  2. Through the Gadgets section of My preferences or
  3. By referencing someone's .js file in your own Common.js as directed in UN:HAX.

If Wikia forced us to move these gadgets to the MediaWiki: space as well, you would have to make nit-picky edits to your own Common.js or stuff would break. Spıke Radiomicrophone18:52 18-Feb-16