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Aviso a navegantes: todos aquellos que quieran cubrirse de gloria trayendo artículos de Frikipedia de contrabando deben incluir la plantilla Frikicierre2 para saber que lo robaron de ahí. Simplemente pongan abajo del todo del artículo:

The 2006 re-launch of the often-sued Spanish La Frikipedia ended a month or two ago, as its Admins decided to shut it down. Our sister website, Inciclopedia, has been debating how to assimilate pages and editors from La Frikipedia and how much and how quickly to demand that they adhere to its higher standards.

(Their current Sitenotice includes a box, illustrated above: "Warning to surfers: Anyone who wants to cover himself in glory bringing over contraband articles from Frikipedia must include Template:Frikiclose2 to disclose that he stole it from there. Simply put it beneath the entire article.") Spıke Radiomicrophone18:13 18-Jan-16