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How the Sun works is quite simple: Magic. For three-hundred and sixty four days of the year, the Sun is powered by Santa on a bicycle inside the Sun. On 12.01 AM, Christmas Eve, Santa leaves the Sun so he can deliver presents. Once Santa finishes delivering presents, however, he consumes 7,000 pixie sticks in one go, then an entire Satsuma, followed by Gatorade to continue powering the sun.
-The Sun

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Put some of your favorite quotes from articles, forums, talk pages, below. Any year, any month, by anyone. I would prefer it not be vandalism unless it's hilarious. Please put where you got the quote, too. It's not only for my template, it's for all of us...

(No promises it'll go into MY template, but if you make your own quote template, whore it here.)

I have my own template. It does this:
"jesus Hitlers dog, ur dad, homer simpson, and Cruella Daville a huge massive red and black penis!!!!!" - From People who have had Sex with Your Mum
Good, huh? --UU - natter UU Manhole 10:58, Jun 10


  • example: "Hippos can deepthroat anything." -page   Le Cejak <19:44 Jun 05, 2009>
“Alternately, sit there and shake your fist at the world.”

from Forum:VFD Time Limits --Mn-z 05:31, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

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