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Note: This topic has been unedited for 1601 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

Recently, I have been informed that an associate of mine, who will be henceforth known as the defendant, "Danzathel Aetherwing the Third" which, despite its fantasy sounding name, is in fact, his real name, has been banned. I, being both a fan of this establishment and my associate, the defendant, looked into this matter. The only criminal act committed by the defendant, was to create a strangely named equivilant, of a suggestion box. The defendant does have a tendency to not only be confusing (an example being the name of said forum) but also appearing as if he wants power. He already has the power he wants. The defendant is an avid player of video games and such which grant him the power he is denied of in real life. The defendant is very, very bad with people, and almost as if cursed, he always seems to come off the wrong way. Be it saying the wrong words, seeming aggressive or overly defensive. By his userpage, the defendant has stated that he will come off the wrong way, and other things. Is it that you, the admins and other people who demonize the defendant, do not give heed to him until he is vunerable? And like cruel vultures, you attack at him, the defenseless induvidual dying of a thirst, a thirst to be wanted and understood? To this date, and as to my knowledge, the defendant possesses two goals here. The first, is that he would be able to ignite the dying embers of his worn out wit, with challenges of creating satire of everyday things. The second, more personal goal (forgive me for revealing this Denza, I'm truly sorry I'm telling theese people your true goal here) is to be accepted by a team of peers who he cannot see, but only assume their natures via talkpages, forums, and their written scripts. He wants a team, a group, a community. His recent actions, as far as I see, are to do that. He wants to use a familiar medium to get to know you. Yet, not even sparing him dignity, you ruthlessly attacked his proposal to have a more wikia oriented IRC channel. The defendant was quite upset that people took him the wrong way, and called him a monopolizing power broker. If the people in question had any sympathy, they would have let it drop there. Instead, you use it as a anvil. An anvil to forge demonizing masks, which you, while hot, burn onto the defendant's face, and force him to appear as the demon you call him. He is good at heart. But nobody cannot resist corruption. The defendant has been noticeably agitated and upset as of late, and efforts to console the defendant by my part, have resulted in a quiet, sad, broken silence of a once, happy person. So what if the defendant wants to be an admin? Don't many people here desire just that? Its nothing special. Yet, for him, the defendant, you seem to make it as if he is a freak of nature. From what I've seen, you people will probably be as indifferent to the following as you are to the rest of my case, but the defendant has been outcasted, ostracized, thrown out of so many things... every new thing he is thrown out of, whittles away at whats still keeping him alive. The few things that give him just a tiny spark of hope that one day, everyone might at least be neutral to him. The affair with members of the forked website was very hard on the defendant, and this whole buisness of name calling, misquotation, and incrimination are very hurtful to my associate's feelings. Of course, I will bet that since he has Asperger's Syndrome, (I am aware that it was stricken from the DSM-V.), he has no feelings. This is a disrespectful stereotype. He may not realize it, nor accept it, but the defendant has some supporters who will step up for him when he can't. There has been lots of drama in his life, and also much stress as of late. I will make this very clear. YOU'RE NOT HELPING. Now, to get to the point of creating this forum. The admin user:SPIKE has become very unpleasant to work with. Before, you could voice a valid opinion without fear, and it would be acknowledged. However, not only for the defendant, but another user recently, user:Shabidoo, was banned for voicing the opinion that SPIKE is just banning for fun. I don't feel its a stab at SPIKE, it might have been earlier, but now I feel, and quite possibly the defendant, that it is truth, or close to it. SPIKE has been using his power and position in the community, or whatever is left of the former one, to make anyone who challenges his power an outcast. He used to be much more fair, but now... its just him securing his power. So, I am calling for a vote to disband his power for some time, not infinite, but just enough time for him to perhaps, cool down, and walk in the shoes of the normal users. I understand that you are already low on System operators, but I am also aware, that there is to be a vote for a new batch of said operators (which by the way, was proposed by the defendant, and turned against him by user:PuppyOnTheRadio, to make him look like a powergrabber of some sort). So, I am sure that the site can make do with one less System operator for the time until a new batch is selected by the community. I feel that the power of System operator has somewhat corrupted the old SPIKE, and made him less of who he was. It would be best for both him, and the community, if he were to lose system operator status. I am unsure of how you start a vote here, but I will leave that to you. For the record, I will side with the defendant, and say for him, SPIKE should be deopped. 09:18, October 20, 2013 (UTC)

Symbol against vote Strong Against Denza swears this wasn't him, and he told me his friend was doing "something related to the forums" just before this came in. I already explained to Denza that he was banned for reverting an admin not for making the suggestion box forum in the first place. I do not support the deopping of SPIKE, since I think he is doing the best job he possibly can, even if he occasionally takes things just a bit too seriously. If SPIKE is banning someone for fun, that someone should be me, since I can undo it if need be, but I can assure you, I do not think he finds it fun to ban people. I will let him speak for himself though. -- Simsilikesims(♀GUN) Talk here. 09:33, October 20, 2013 (UTC)
Symbol against vote Tottaly against Just check out Huff log and Block log to understand why. --Mimo&Maxus (Talk) 09:36, October 20, 2013 (UTC)
Symbol against vote Out-right Against To say Spike is a key member of the community would be an understatement. Not only did he personally help me and show leniancy to me when I was a noob (which is contrary to the myth that Spike attacks noobs), he also helped save this site from extinction and helps in every field possible from reviewing to formatting to writing to adminsistring (can't spell, sorry). Sir ScottPat (talk) White Ensign Scotland Flag 1 Compassrose VFH UnS NotM WotM WotY 10:24, October 20, 2013 (UTC)
Symbol for vote For, or at least until Spike is able to respond to this thread I was initially going to vote neutral because I'm no longer very active in editing Uncyclopedia anymore and choose to just hang around the IRC channel, but the reason for my recent inactivity is primarily because of Spike, the reasons for which make me inclined to vote in favor of Spike having his administratorship removed (or at least in favor of him receiving some sort of slap on the wrists). While I don't necessarily agree with the reasons above (to be honest, I didn't even bother reading through the entirety of that gigantic wall of text, though I certainly got the gist of it), there's still a lot to be said for why Spike is undeserving of his administratorship and even harming the community with it. In response to the above opposition...
"I do not support the deopping of SPIKE, since I think he is doing the best job he possibly can, even if he occasionally takes things just a bit too seriously." — Simsilikesims
A brief read through his talk page and its archives will prove that there's nothing "occasional" about how overly serious he is. The amount of times he's had to explain his harsh actions on the site is incredible. If this is the best job he can possibly do, then there's something seriously going wrong on this site.
"Just check out Huff log and Block log to understand why." — Mimo&Maxus
Exactly, check out his block log and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about when I mention he's harming the community. Disregarding the blocks against users who were clearly vandalizing, note the amount of blocks against users whose humor aren't up to Spike's liking. For instance,; were his edits particularly funny? No, not exactly. Ban-worthy? Absolutely not. What happened to reverting unfunny edits and giving users a link to HTBFANJS on their talk page — not simply giving it in a block message. Being an administrator on this site isn't supposed to be about just about banning, as Spike seems to think (I don't understand know how Simsilikesims can say something as daft as "I can assure you, I do not think he finds it fun to ban people.") Administrators are supposed to be supposed to be a friendly lot and push prospective editors in the right direction, especially at a time like now when we're in direct competition with the other wiki and need to secure future editors. Is banning a user who's making good faith, yet slightly unfunny edits without so much as a link to HTBFANJS friendly, fair, or pushing them in the right direction, especially when they have a perfectly good talk page to post on? Hell no. And don't think for a second that it's an isolated incident. When he's not banning good faith users, he's banning users for expressing their opinion (that he doesn't happen to agree with) and banning users for having "symmetry" with each other. Check how many times his permabans have had to be reverted because he incorrectly assumed someone was a sockpuppet. Speaking of sockpuppets, if you've made it this far into my post, you've probably scrolled down to check my contributions and wondered why someone without any other edits knows this much about Spike's situation. The reason for that is because I created this secondary account in the likely event that Spike bans me and reverts this message. If that's not the case and I'm not eventually banned and/or reverted, then I apologize to Spike for accusing him of potentially doing such a thing, but considering he's banning users for as little as questioning his actions, I can't be too safe. The fact that I'm having to resort to using a sockpuppet account instead of my normal account should be proof enough of the tension that's being caused because of these actions.
"To say Spike is a key member of the community would be an understatement. Not only did he personally help me and show leniancy to me when I was a noob (which is contrary to the myth that Spike attacks noobs), he also helped save this site from extinction and helps in every field possible from reviewing to formatting to writing to adminsistring (can't spell, sorry)." — Sir ScottPat
I disagree. To say Spike is a completely detrimental member of the community (or least the administration) would be an understatement. There's a reason the other site jokes about his supposed dictatorship, though I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a dictatorship. Overstepping his boundaries would be a more suitable way to describe Spike's actions. See my above response to Mimo&Maxus in regards to what you describe as the "the myth that Spike attacks noobs".
On a final note, while it may seem that I'm attacking Spike with my post, I really want to make it clear that I'm not. Hopefully it doesn't appear that way, as overall, I like Spike as a user. His strong point is writing articles, without a doubt, but within the last few months, I seriously can't help but feel the dude is just not cut out to be an administrator... especially on this wiki in and its current state. My desire is only to see Uncyclopedia once again become the fun-loving wiki it once was, instead of the drama-filled wiki that was born out of recent events this year. So whether the author of this thread is Denza or not, I still have to support at least the temporary de-sysopping of Spike. Black Sikhhead (talk) 11:54, October 20, 2013 (UTC)

Guys, you don't understand

  • Those who are against deopping Spike because he is a key member of the community misunderstand the IP who started this forum. He himself admits that Spike was and is very helpful but his behavior has changed. IP suggests to deop Spike for a small period of time, just to "cool him down" (quotation).
  • Those who are for deopping Spike, such as the IP, misunderstand him. Spike is doing a great job for Uncyclopedia but I myself noticed that he looks more and more tired and does not take a break. That's why he takes things too seriously sometimes (as Simsie noticed).
  • Now, I tried to defend Denza's idea to create a new IRC and I know perfectly well that Denza does not want to be the ultimate dictator, but he wants to help. And still, even you, Denza's friend, misunderstand the situation. Denza's bans were harsh but they did not happen because he wanted to do something that the community did not want; he was banned for reverting an admin.
So, to conclude, stop criticising and try to make our community healthy and friendly. Anton (talk) 10:57, October 20, 2013 (UTC)
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