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The Coffee Cooler is a type of little forum for the masses. Or rather, a mass for the forums. Or not. This forum has a few rules for the topics that live hier:

  1. THOU SHALT NOT BE CRITICIZED - No deletions whatsoever, unless the topic is vandalism, in which case, fire ho!
  2. THOU SHALT NOT BE ARCHED - No archiving! Evur! HahahahahahaHAAHHAAHAAHAha!
  3. THOU SHALT NOT BE CRAP - See rule number 1
  4. THOU SHALT USE NEW TEMPLATE - Place {{Forum:Coffee Cooler/t}} atop your head.
  5. THOU SHALT EARN RECOG FOR GOOD FAITH - See point 4. If you're good enough, you will get an A+ for your essay- I mean topic!

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