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Hi guys, couple questions.

First of all, I noticed today that a section I added to an article was completely deleted. It had no grammatical errors or problems, and my only guess is that the person who originally wrote the article didn't like it. Also, he changed one of the quotes at the top of the page so it's possible he reverted the article without noticing my addition. Either way, I'd like to contact him before adding it back. Should I use the 'edit talk' page, or should I leave a comment on his user page? or something else?

also, yesterday I made a template. I made it as my userpage, then copy/pasted it to a template page. Today I saw that my userpage version was gone. Is this an automatic procedure? Also, was I right in creating a template or should I have simply used box code directly in my article?

Krillin article, near bottom


AfroNinja 00:25, 3 May 2007 (UTC)

For question #1, leaving a message on the user's talk page is usually the most efficient method.
As for templates, I think most admins don't bother maintaining userspaces. Olipro (the guy who deleted it) probably just saw that you'd created it as a proper template and figured the userspace version was superfluous.
Finally, creating templates is fine IF the template has the potential to be used on many pages. If it's specifically for one or a couple articles, it's better just to use the code. —rc (t) 00:32, 3 May 2007 (UTC)
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