The Rent-A-Sponsor Championship is a League contested by those teams that can't be arsed to play in a league full of divers and tycoons. The League was founded ages ago but still fans of Man U fail to acknowledge its existence.


The 2nd division of English football was founded in 1899, when 67 teams were members of the Premier League. Somebody, and nobody has yet to discover who, decided this was all getting a little bit silly, and a new division was created. However, the first season was a disaster, as only Oldtown Athletic joined the League, and failed to win, after they didn't turn up to any of their matches. Nevertheless, the league continued without anyone actually caring.

Names used for the League in the pastEdit

  • The Good Ol' League
  • Division 2
  • Coco Cola Championship
  • Coco Pops Championship
  • The Hasbeen League
  • Red Bullshit League
  • Barclays League Division Fail 1

Promotion and RelegationEdit

Until 1946, there was no promotion or relegation from the Championship, as nobody could be bothered to sort it out. In 1946, promotion to the Premier League was introduced, but the league founders accidentally promoted the team finishing 5th. The League then decided that this would actually be a good idea, and introduced the play-off system, where football fans could spend 2 weeks less with their family, as they watched the £10m, £20m, £40m, £100m, £1billion,£1'000'000'000'000'000'000'000 fight for promotion. Teams who are relegated end up in League 1, so named to make them think they are still a good team, even though they are now a pointless answer on the quiz show Pointless



All owners of teams in the Championship have a yearly competition to see who can upset their fans the quickest. The prize is an all inclusive trip to Mauritius. Owners also like to compensate for the various personality defects by firing managers at random, siging 53 year olds with 2 caps for Samoa because they are legends at football, and spending as much money as they want without any care in the world.

2013-14 SeasonEdit

For the 2013-14 season, the 24 teams contesting the League are:

Past TeamsEdit

Many great teams have played in the Championship, while they plan their grand return to the Premier League. The most notable of these teams are Leeds, who despite spending 49 years in the Championship, are still convinced they are the greatest team in the world. Another notable teams are the legendary Corinthian Casuals, who are remembered by all fans in the Championship, but the reason for this is still unknown. Other former members include:



It may look impressive, but you need a space shuttle to reach it.

Every team in the Championship has to build a ground 10 miles away from their home town, so that the wives of the fans have enough time to see the milkman before their husbands get home. Also, this rule allows stadiums to be built that looked more like crashed UFO's. The exception to this rule is Watford, who still maintain a 3-sided ground, although they plan to loan a stand from Udinese.