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Music-store manager Roger Shepherd (pictured) founded the record label to celebrate his pastimes, transvestism and aviation.

Flying Nun Records is an independent record label run from rented bedrooms and empty shopping malls in New Zealand from the year 1983. The label specializes in indie, post punk, twee pop and the sound of cash machines.

edit Important artists

Important artists include The Clean, Chris Knox, Peter Jeffries, HDU, Pin Group, and local wan Dunedin junkie band The Puddle, still fighting with Hepatitis like a nervous ghost from an empty bathroom.

edit Second Wave

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Flying Nun Records.

Technically, HDU are PART of the second wave, even the THIRD according to sociological scholars of the nascent "white" pop groove of Dunedin lo-fi post punk aural sound sculptures. Avoiding melody, and any attempt to engage with their audience besides creating a wall of guitar pedal noise as dense and penetrating as a slab of New Zealand cheese, the band was celebrated by critics but nearly totally ignored by the record buying public, similarly "crap" later period Flying Nun bands such as PanAm, Bressa Creeting Cake and Space Harness left many to conclude that Flying Nun was ultimately an 80s phenomenon, much like real nuns.

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