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-The Destroyer of Worlds-

No one knows where this gnarly space pup of destruction came from. What is known is that this devastating dog of doom has the ability to demolish entire planets with just one look. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is a good example of what happened to a planet that wouldn't shut up.

Fun Facts

  • Fluffy consumes baby pandas for brunch.
  • If you look directly into Fluffy's eyes your soul will explode!!!
  • Fluffy's claws are sharp enough to slice through six inches of re-enforced titanium like a hot knife through butter.
  • Fluffy does not have a regular circulatory system. Instead he is powered by a cold fusion reactor located in the center of his chest. This reactor is capable of producing 250 trillion gigawatts of pure unadulterated cuteness.
  • Even Mr T knows better than to pity Fluffy.
Cquote1 Fluffy is to worlds what windshields are to insects - instant, invisible and unavoidable death. Cquote2
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