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Flesh can mean several things:

  • Scotch Tape
  • Skin, but this is rarely used
  • Fruit
  • Stuff that monsters eat
  • Stuff that monsters don't eat
  • Stuff that gives monsters indigestion when eaten, in which they promptly take a Pepto Bismol, assuming of course this said monster even eats flesh in the first place.
  • A cheap subsitute to beef products. The most common type of flesh used for this is human flesh.
  • The secret tofu ingredient that Jesus is made of, allowing him to be eaten by vegetarians, and priests on Friday. "Eat this, for this is my flesh"
  • The color of a crayon when it is made of Aryan Jesus, Caucasian Jesus or White Jesus flesh.
  • According to St Paul, the source of all sin.
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