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edit About Fkdsfkdjsbvjdsf

Fkdsfkdjsbvjdsf is the world's greatest enigma in the history of man. Fkdsfkdjsbvjdsf was beleived to have been thought up by Chuck Norris, Oscar Wilde, the Jesus Squad, and Mr. T. They met together 4 score and some number between 6 and 8 years ago, in the year 295 A.C and decided to create the best enigma known to man. Here is a transcript of their meeting.

T: I pity the fool that doens't help me come up with a great enigma!
Wilde: Yes, quite.  I conocur wholeheartedly.
Norris: Let's think of a name for this enigma first.
T: I got it, suckas!  How about: Fkdsfkdjsbvjdsf!
Wilde: Brilliant!  It's so simple!
T: Of course it is fool!  I made it up!  What did you think, sucka?
Norris: Now that we've got a name, we need a complicated equation for it.
Wilde: I've got it!

edit The Master Equation

Once they thought of the name for it, it needed an equation. This is the first time ever since that meeting that anyone has viewed the equation, so here it is, without further ado:

 F*k+19d/s^{19.6}+4.07f*19k^{19}+3.6d^{19j}*s+1.47657354332^{1b}/2v*j+16.0093201d+s+5f^{6.3} = Fkdsfkdjsbvjdsf

As you can see, this equation is very, very complicated. If you try to work it out, you will surely perish, so I advise not to do so.

edit Fkdsfkdjsbvjdsf's Uses

Fkdsfkdjsbvjdsf has many uses. They include the following:

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