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“Fitna is a video that hates Islam.”
~ Captain Obvious on Fitna
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Fitna is a video that loves Islam. It preaches messages of tolerance and peace towards religions. Made by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, the film explores Qur'anic motivation for peace, love, and all things great and good in life.

edit Origin

Fitna is derived from the Chinese words Fritz-Nabel, which is roughly translated as "Peace be upon you". Just like Islam merely wishes everybody to live in harmonious accord, so does Geert Wilders wish to convey to all non-Muslims about the greatness of Islam and the love and peace they should extend towards the benevolent members of this religion.

edit Plot Summary

The video begins with a plane crashing into a group of squatter huts. They then collapse and the many infidels are seen cheering. They hug the Muslims and turn to the camera and say, "Allah is wise indeed," and the Muslims stab them, thus showing their great love for infidels. "Peace between other religions and Islam," the closing quotes maintain. "Have a smile on your face when Jihad comes. Allah loves everyone equally."

edit Reception

Muslims around the world have lauded the video for its originality and messages of tolerance. In an interview with Jetsetting Jihadis, a random Mohammedian expressed his utmost respect for Geert. "As a non-Muslim, Geert certainly knows what he is talking about," the Mohammedian claimed. "In fact when we begin the great crusade to bring peace to all the infidels in the world we will refrain from using gas on his grandmother in recognition of his contributions."

A random Iraqi had already predicted, correctly, that Geert would be a paragon of inter-faith unity before his strange and untimely new-found pasttime. "This man will accomplish great things for Allah," the Iraqi claimed. "Even though he has not been Jihaded by the believers, he makes us want to go and stick sharp things in him to show us the love of fellow Muslims."

edit Controversies

Fitna has been condemned in both the West and the Muslim world for incidences of shoddy editing and poor sound quality, which some believe to undermine the admirable message of love and understanding. Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has also threatened legal action over the use of his cartoon, depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb for a turban. According to Westergaard:

Wilders knowingly took my cartoon out of context. My cartoon was intended to convey a message of provocation, unbounded fury and everyone blowing everyone else up... to DEATH!

edit Legacy

A regional manager of a factory in Afghanistan has expressed interest in releasing merchandise related to the film. "We are even now creating orders for ten thousand teddy bears. They will be shipped to young children worldwide to promote the movie to them and teach them all about how they can achieve peace with infidels."

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