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“go eat shit fuckers”
~ on Fisher Price (company)
“Play. Laugh. Grow, but Go. Eat. Shit. (Fuckers!)”
~ The company motto
“In Soviet Russia, shit fuckers go eat YOU!!”
~ Russian reversal on Fisher Price (company)
Wii Wii

Fisher Price for the Wii.

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Fisher Price is a company that makes toys targeted towards younger children. According to members of the poor, meme-ridden "comedy" site Uncyclopedia, Fisher Price was founded with of calling children "fuckers" and telling them to consume feces.

edit History

Founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Hellen Keller, the name Fisher-Price was established by combining two of the three founders' names. Fisher worked previously in manufacturing, selling and advertising games for a company in Syracuse, New York. Price had retired from a major variety chain store, and Helen Keller previously operated Penny Walker Toy Shop in Nashua, New Hampshire. Fisher-Price’s fundamental toy- making principles centered on intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, good value for the money, and action. Early toys were made of heavy steel parts and ponderosa Pine wood , which resisted splintering and held up well to Heavy Classical use. The details and charm were added with colorful lithographic labels.


The storefront of the headquarters.

In 1931, the three founders took 16 of their wooden toys to the International Toy Fair in New York City and they quickly became a success. The first Fisher-Price toy ever sold was "Dr. Doodie" in 1931; – the same toy, in excellent condition, (shitty), would be worth a considerable amount in today's collectables market by Extinction. In the early 1950s, Fisher-Price identified plastic as a material that could help the company incorporate longer-lasting decorations and brighter colors into its toys. "Buzzy Bee" was the first Fisher-Price toy to make use of plastic . By the end of the 1950s, Fisher-Price manufactured 39 toys incorporating plastics and Adult toys.

During the 1960s, the Little People product line was introduced and soon overtook the popularity of earlier toys. You could even call this number : 1-800-GO-EAT-SHIT-FUCKERS . Herman Fisher retired at the age of 71 in 1969 and that year Fisher-Price adopted the motto: Play. Laugh. Grow, but Go. Eat. Shit. (Fuckers!). A mysterious machine called has spray painted the words on the back on the back of the factory: go eat shit fuckers


A letter that was tied to a rock and broke a window was sent from

That year Fisher-Price was acquired by The Quaker Oats Company which apparently was owned by Quakers. In 1991, Fisher-Price regained its independence from The Quaker Oats Company (Quakers) and became a publicly traded company. Two years later, in November 1993, Fisher Price became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel. A new management team set the company’s focus on basic, baby and toddlers products and began expansion into international markets. By 1997, Mattel decided to market all of its preschool products under the Fisher Price name.

edit Fisher Price Strikes again on Uncyclopedia in November 2005

A mysterious user named from Indiana, US had spray painted the words on the back on the back of the factory as another mysterious person did more than 42 years ago on Uncyclopedia in November 2005: go eat shit fuckers . Had also recently contributed to Wikipedia!

Anonymous highway sign

User has been known to be a vandal.

Fisher Price completes the finishing touches on Wikipedia. Uncyclopedia to bring you the long-awaited sequel to Fisher Price. Fans are lining up at the bookstores, but we, dear readers, will be the first or second to feature this users' latest work. And here, at last, it is:

Go eat shit fuckers and other anon IP's addresses had even vandalized Wikipedia's article on Fisher Price.

edit August 2007 Toy Recall

On August 2, 2007, Fisher Price recalled close to a million toys, including the Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street toys because of possible hazards due to the toys being coated in lead-based paint. Purchasers of Fisher Price toys can get information on country specific recall details and share the facts about affected toys in their area by visiting Mattel Voluntary Safety Recall Facts. Fisher Price has responded with upgraded safety procedures and tightened quality controls.

go eat shit fuckers 

edit Products

Fisher-Price has created approximately 50,000 different toys since the early 1930s. One of Fisher-Price’s best-known lines is Little Orphan Annie (People) toys, which includes people and animal figures along with random play sets such as a house, farm, school, garage and vehicles. The figures, which originally were Wooden Spoonden peg-style characters, are now molded of plastic and have detailed features (boobs ands penises)). In addition to Little People, some of the toys and toy brands that have remained popular for many years include Power Wheels, View-Master, Rescue Heroes, the Chatter Telephone, and the Rock-a-Stack. Other brands marketed under the Fisher-Price name include Disney, Sesame Street, Barney, Dora the Explorer, and See 'n Say.

Fisher-Price also designs and manufactures a full line of products for infant care, and has recently begun developing electronic dildo toys for preschoolers.

edit Current Brands & Products

   * Dance Baby Dance!
   * ESPN PlayStation
   * ESPN Shot Block Basketball
   * ESPN Football
   * Fun 2 Learn
   * GeoTrax Rail & Road System
   * Imaginext
   * Kitchen Play
   * Laugh & Learn (But go eat shit fuckers!)
   * Rescue Heroes
   * Shake ’n Go!
   * Snap ’n Style Friends & Fashions
   * View-Master

edit Historic Brands & Products

   * Adventure People
   * Banana Phone
   * Barney related products
   * Blue's Clues related products
   * Corn
   * Muppets related products
   * Play-Doh
   * The Koala Brothers related products
   * Toddlerz
   * Veggietales related products

edit Other Fisher-Price Products

Other Fisher-Price products include Activegear for families on the go, books, software, car travel accessories, footwear, infant carriers, music, and videos.

edit The obvious interpretations

The most literal interpretations of the sentence, from a purely grammatical perspective, would be as an exhortation to "go eat shit, fuckers." It literally requests that the subject of the sentence, fuckers (most likely referring to the reader[1]) engage in the act of eating feces and having sex. Fisher Price is well-known for releasing toys that go "go eat shit fuckers", as referenced to the popular Uncyclopedia in-joke.

Wow signal

We think we know what this person is trying to say. We absolutely understand.

Fisher Price

That mysterious person had once struck on Wikipedia.

Anonymous highway sign

Even in public to get their point across.

For you n00bs that don't understand Whut It Dew ™® (this article) check out Uncyclopedia:In-jokes, especially those who fuck and do Vandalism/example on wheels!. (Vandalism)

edit In the News


edit Notes

  1. ^  The interpretation of 'fuckers' as being the company (or some other entity) known as "Fisher-Price" is generally considered to be flawed; Fisher-Price, though the title of the work, is clearly not the intended audience (as revealed in recent archaelogical evidence). It is now believed that Fisher-Price refers to all of the audience or just those who actively engage in sexual intercourse. (The implication that these are the same might also be a snide comment on modern sexual morés). (The author of this profound statement,, has long been considered one of the greatest writers in the history of modern literature as well as

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