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Fischer & the Shorties is a popular dance/rap group that includes Fischer, the white boy rapper and his dancers, Christina, Nikki, Victoria and Amel. They are most famous for their number 1 hit "Bust a move", a cover version by Young MC. Together they topped the Billboard Charts making them the most successful/unique group in the music industry.

edit In the Beginning

The group started out about a month before the Talent Show additions in DHS. Fischer was sitting in the study hall room listening to a song when he saw Christina (50 Pounds) going to get a drink a water. He walked up to her and asked if she wanted to be a part of his group for the talent show. Sources say Christina agreed quickly. But in order for this to take action, she had to find three other girls willing to dance on stage with the bright light in their faces. he then found Amel (Lover of Gazza-J(Cash Only)) and forced her to join. It was not a choice; it was an order. Christina then passed on her duties to Amel to find 2 other girls to fill in the spots. Amel then found Nikki (Night Rider). And of course with Nikki it was a "buy one get one free" thing. Thus, when Nikki joined, Victoria (unknown) joined. It was automatic. Fischer & the Shorties was in the making!

There were only two week to prepare a dance. With Nikki on their side and the sun in the west, they were sure to get a a dance in time. Time passed, food was running low and Channel [V] was screwed up. Could they make it?? Fischer was certain they would.

After many days of choreographing this complex dance routine, Nikki then had to teach the other 4 girls.With auditions only days away, Fischer and the Shorties was not looking too good. For hours these 4 girls practiced and practiced until they got it perfect. However, 3 days before the auditions, they made corrections to this very complex routine. For their first audition they only had 1 minute of their song finished. The judges of the audition where not happy and told them to finish creating their dance to re-audition. Three days later, they finished their whole routine and then auditioned once more. It was a hit! The judges loved them and they were in the Talent Show!

After school and during lunch these girls practiced everyday until the talent show. The last move of the dance was so complex that Nikki would ask the girls to repeat the names of the dance moves all day until they had it absolutely memorized. However, during the dance, everyone got so confused that they did not know what to do at the end. They now realize that adding another step at the end of the dance was extremely stupid. Sources say that Ruti states that this "WAS SO GAY!" However, the other girls were able to fix this horrible mistake that they all made and the whole dance a great success and very enjoyable to all!!!

edit School Life for the Famous

The members of Fischer & the Shorties attend school regularly at DHS in Saudi Arabia. Yes it is what you are thinking and no it is not. Confusing; yes. Fischer hangs with his own crowd; the "white people" while Nikki & Ya Ya hang with their own crowd that does not really have a name but could be called the Blonde Group since there are maybe about 2 or 3 blondes. However, Nikki is not a blonde. One could say that this group could be the "band" group because everyone in this amazing group is in some type of band. Amel chills with her own people too. She sometimes chills with the "Dasies" and these other unimportant people which is why we will move on to Christina. Christina chills with Amel since there is no one else around in her grade. She also chills with this certain ninth grader known as the founder of Saudi Arabia, Naif Bartlett. Sometimes Christina chills with the "band" group as she is a loner and out of the kindness of their heart they let her chill with them sometiems....Yes, please feel bad for Christina. It is a wonder how these five people got together as a group. After their beig debut and returned to school, paparazzi were in the front of the school waiting to take pictures of each of them. Oh the chaos. Even students were crowding the school entrance waiting to get autographs. However, nowadays the students have learned to calm down, but there are still a few students who ask some of the members for autographs. When new students come into the school they just go wild and cannot believe how everyone is so calm while knowing that Fisher & the Shorties go to their school.

edit The Big Debut

February 7, 2007- Talent Show in DHS. Fisher & the Shorties performed their first dance a group. "Bust a Move" by Young MC. The Crowd went wild! Everyone was yelling with excitement! Shoes were being thrown in the air! by Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruty who is so KOOOL!!! Fischer & the Shorties was a success!

edit World Tour

Fischer & the Shortie's world tour for the summer of 2007 was very successful. Tickets were sold out in 2 days. Many fans of the group that did not get tickets were extremely upset and begged for hours to get more tickets made. The fans who were unfortunate and did not get tickets secretly went backstage to watch show.

edit Talent Show 2008

On Feburary 2008, the last performance for the group had finally come. It was a very, very sad moment for all the members. "I never wanted this to end!" says Christina Dawidowicz. "I'll never forget this! It was an awesome experience." comments Amel Badri. "It'd be really kool if we could all meet up again someday in the future" says Nikki Tracy. Again, if this was a competition, the group would have won for sure. The well known band, 3pm, would not even have a chance against them.

edit The Future

They plan to release a Greatest Hits album near the end of 2008. Rumor has it that the new album will be called, "You Don't Wanna Miss This!". The new album is expected to have bonus DVD extras such has memories shared by members. "It's a very emotional video." says Victoria Heath on the extra video.

For more information visit their website www.fischer&

edit Fischer & the Shorties #1 Fan

Fischer & the Shorties is currently searching for their #1 Fan. This will be a worldwide search for the biggest and most dedicated fan. Their #1 fan will have the opportunity to appear in a music video alongside the Fischer & the Shorties.

try to find more info as well as personal biographies of the group members in [1] or [2]

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