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Title of the wife of king (of the republic) of France
First Lady of France / Première Dame de France
143233 600
Reign since 1871
Predecessor Queen's title. Marie Antoinette
Successor Brigitte Macron

The First Lady of France (Première Dame de France) is the official title of nobility for the wife/girlfriend/One night stand/ of king (of the republic) of France. The position is important as the wife/mistress/etc.. supports the President/King of France on official visits to see other absolute monarchs like Barack Obama and Koch Brothers. As King/President, he is legally able to deceive the First Lady with an actress, for example or keep a secret family as King Francois Mitterand III once did in the 1990s. This is understood to be a natural state of extra marital affairs as guaranteed by the French Constitution (revised 1789/1791/1793/1795...).

In of January, 2014, King Francois Hollande IV of France can reject the queen as they did in the Middle Ages. Traditionally this meant loading her in a trebuchet and throwing her back to the country where she came from. This was discontinued by emperor Napoleon III.

edit Brigitte Macron : Gabrielle Solis II

Since May, 2017, France has a presidential couple which looks like Gabrielle Solis and John Rowland...

edit Vacant Title (2014)


Marianne:Eternal French First Lady with strange breasts and head growing out of her left shoulder.

Since January 25th, 2014, the title is vacant. The pretender in the throne of First Lady is the actress Julie Gayet, the favorite of the president king of France.

When there is a vacancy or the King prefers to play with the court jester, Marianne becomes the acting First Lady. sbut She is difficult to warm too as she is usually made of paint,marble, plastic or plaster as the representative of French state. Marianne rarely wears a bra as that is against the principles of France.

edit The most memorable

In 1931, Jeanne Doumergue is First Lady of France for 12 days only. President Gaston Doumergue marries him 12 days before the end of his mandate. Better late than never!

In 1969, Claude Pompidou redoes the decoration to the Elysee, in the private apartments ! She removes the old furniture to put the style the 70s.

In 1974 Anne-Aymone Giscard d'Estaing, calls the National Furniture to put back everything as before, in the style of the Palace of Versailles. Anne-Aymone, you are a real queen!

In 1995, you should not waste the electricity with Bernadette Chirac ! Since the General de Gaulle there is a tradition on the Elysee : leave a small light in corridors at night. But madam Chirac cannot sleep with this light under the door. For madam Chirac it is not the General who died who decides and she makes switch off the lights at night, for ever. At the end of the tradition. The General died, lives the first lady!

In 2007, only 5 months after the election of her husband, Cécilia Sarkozy decides to divorce. Hero of the modern women Cécilia.

In January, 2014, Valérie Trierweiler learns by the tabloids that her husband, president François Hollande sleeps with the actress Julie Gayet. After Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, first Lady of the United States Hilary Clinton : Valérie Trierweiler becomes the third world deceived wife. And she leaves the Elysee and the President, on January 25th ! It is official François Hollande is the second Daniel Ducruet...

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