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 The snake-o-nut

Written By: Wild magazines Background

   The snake-o-nut was recently discovered in the Maldives where it was found with it wrapping around doughnuts. This helped it get its shape like a doughnut. It was originally a snake but because of people littering the snake found doughnuts and it started to wrap around it.  that is how it got its shape from the amount of litter found on the ground it became too hard to clean up and services were not able to acquire the right tools for this environmental hazard. This creature started to show up in front of people houses. People at first people did not know what it is and then a documentary was made about it and scientists then wanted to study more about it.


   Although the snake-o-nut was discovered in the Maldives it has some previous ancestors in the Bahamas this creature is not very dangerous. You might be thinking that the snake-o-nut is technically a “snake”, it really isn’t when the snake adapts to the shape of the doughnut its venom gets contracted and sent out of its body. This allows for the snake-o-nut to not become dangerous because it does not have any more venom. The snake-o-nut caused allot of trouble in the Maldives recently because the snakes started to sneak into houses within crevices and cracks. This freaked out homeowners and especially little kids. So, after multiple incidents of this happened communities had to come together and create a solution. So, they came up with “snake protection fencing” this allowed for protection against the snake-o-nut.    

About it

   The snake-o-nut sounds like a weird animal but it just is a snake with a shape of a doughnut. The snake-o-nut can grow up to 6.5 feet and weigh up to 300 pounds. It can camouflage into its surroundings which can get scary because small snake o- nut's have been mistaken for a doughnut because they can camouflage into one. This extremely bazaar creature is one of the rarest and most epic animals discovered. Its colours can range from the darkest shade of purple and the lightest shade of brown. Scientists cannot wrap their heads around this majestic creature. There have been previous sightings of this creature in the late 1900’s. since the snake-o-nut is very new its populations are steadily on the rise which means that we can expect allot more snake-o-nuts soon.

Early years

   The snake-o-nut starts out in an egg as a regular snake. Then it is hatched with a semi-circular shape, then after that, the snake-o-nut scavenges for litter. So, it’s in its extinct to look for litter or garbage. So, when it finds the litter that it needs It forms a circle, so it's not the doughnut that the snake forms around but it is the shape of the litter that the snake finds then it forms around and that allows it to become a circle. So, when it finds enough litter and it forms a circle it wraps around it and it squeezes itself and releases all the venom it has. It must do that because if it didn’t there wouldn’t be any room for the snake to squeeze itself. After that it stays like that for about 4 days and then it releases. The last step for the snake-o-nut is to keep on doing that process to keep its shape. They do it repeatedly because since the snake-o-nut must shed its skin and that allows the snake to go back to its original shape. So that’s why they need to keep on doing the same thing repeatedly.


   In late 1920, S the snake-o-nut was originally found in the Galapagos islands nesting with finches. Scientists have not found why the snake-o-nut still likes to wrap around litter. So, after about 20 years in 1940, S, a scientist named Monamore Weasel found that in their genes of the snakes they tend to wrap around things because since they are so flexible that the snakes can suffocate things if they wrap so tightly. In 1980, is the first reported the death of a person from the snake-o-nut was devastating because it was the death of the mayor of the Galapagos islands?

Snake vs snake-o-nut

   What really makes the snake-o-nut different from other animals or even snakes. Is not its special shape, but its unique process of becoming a special snake. Just the thought of a snake searching for litter and shaping it is a fascinating. If you think about it a regular snake just hunts for food and sheds its skin and that’s basically a regular snake’s life. On the other hand, the snake-o-nut can do that and even more, like for instance it can mould its body to a certain shape. A regular snake cannot do that but it can coil itself up to be smaller in size so that it hides from predators. I personally think that the snake-o-nut is absolutely fascinating.

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