Ferdinand Marcos in 2018.

Ferdinand Marcos was Hitler's other (and first) attempt to become a dictator. Eventually, he ended up in the Philippines and didn't come back to Germany again.


In 1777, Hitler was born in a very old hospital. Hitler, recapping his life, said at the start that he was autistic and didn't talk until he was five. His first word was "Heil"

Growing up, Hitler hated school because he always got teased by French, British, and American kids. Eventually, he became Class Captain by staging a coup and punched those French kids. He tried the same to the British and American kids and well as a Russian kid, but ended up in detention.

At the Age of 10, Hitler collaborated with Himmler, a friend at the time, to create the one, the only, Ferdinand Marcos.


By the time Hitler turned 12, it was 1789, the year of Free Love. He decided to study politics and eventually made Marcos Captain of the whole school when he was 14. Hitler was Marcos's advisor.

Himmler also helped Marcos, although not as well. However, soon enough, a combined force of French, British, Russian, and American kids decided to fight with Hitler and Marcos. Marcos and Hitler won.

Soon enough, Marcos took power for himself and declared a military junta. In less than 10 seconds after that, the school was a dictatorship under him. Rebels wouldn't give up though.


Marcos was left in charge of the school by himself since Hitler wanted to take over Germany instead.

At first, Marcos could handle the uprising that happened; ultimately, however, the rebels captured Ferdinand and took power. They eventually allowed a new captain in charge that all teachers accepted. This made sure that Hitler couldn't do politics for another 100 years, and Marcos had to go in retirement.

Hitler was so angry, he wanted revenge. So he killed Marcos, sent him to Hitler's home until he was eventually resurrected, and made fun of him.

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