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Fenton Crackshell (February 20, 1839 - November 2, 1907) was a sailor and politician, and considered to be the founding father of the city of St. Canard, Calisota.

edit Background

Fenton Crackshell was born in Ireland at the port of Rosslare into a sailing family. His mother was an unemployed opium addict and his father a fisherman. Being one of a family of 6, and the eldest son, Fenton was brought up as a fisherman, but was later drafted into the Royal Navy at the outbreak of the Great Tomato War.

edit Life in the Navy

Able Seaman Crackshell was assigned to the HMS Limburger, and under Admiral Nelson, saw action along the Irish coast against bands of militant Tomatoes attempting to sink ships in the Irish Sea.

After the war, the Limburger headed towards the far-west coast of America to protect the trade route between St. Canard and Japan from pirate raids while reinforcements from Tokyo arrived. One night, Crackshell was ashore and fell asleep in an alley after drinking one too many at the Ports' tavern.

edit Marooned in America

The next morning, the Limburger moved on, and Crackshell was left stranded in St. Canard, then still only a port.

Eventually, Crackshell realised he wasn't the only stranded sailor, and with the help of others, used their combined expertise and finances to construct their own tavern, The Old Cock, for sailors entering the port. The Old Cock on it's very first day collected double the weekly revenue of the Port's Tavern.

edit Building a City

With the expenses, Crackshell and his partners began to expand St. Canard purely to benefit visitors rather than for personal gain. Crackshell himself oversaw the construction of St. Canard's first Granary, as well as housing for permanent residents and for marooned sailors.

By 1884, Crackshell had created a city, and today the layout of St. Canard has changed little since the days of Crackshell. Even while Fenton was still alive, the grateful residents of St. Canard commemorated a special plaque to Fenton Crackshell on the site of the original port, where it still stands today.

edit Death

In 1907, Fenton Crackshell died of Cancer, having spent one whole year at sea and 31 years building up St. Canard to a metropolis to rival Duckburg. He is buried in the St. Canard cemetery, close to the spot where the HMS Limburger first docked.

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