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Fat fetishism is an inherent biological superpower handed down to a chosen few direct descendants of the Ninjas. Fat fetishists (or "feeders) are bestowed with the large genitalia required to pleasure the most voluptuous of female specimens. Those with Fat Fetishes are renown for their godly good looks, peek physical strength, and their ability to completely ignore the fact that their sexual pastimes are contributing to the spread of both obesity and diabetes.

It is a well known fact that all Fat fetishists have made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

edit Feeders in everyday life

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A much plumper Jennifer Lawrence. I still would

As of the year 2016, the Pure-blood clan of demi-god feeders have decided to mingle with mortals, creating a sub-species of Fat fetishists/Human hybrids, who walk amongst us, seemingly human to the untrained eye. This sub-species can often be found solving Terrorism, defeating the huns, and writing morally questionable weight gain erotica on Deviantart.

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Euayle is universally considered to be the most attractive gorgon

edit Famous Feeders

Well-known celebrity feeders include;

Freddie Mercury : I think he's a singer or something. Someone mentioned something about a Queen. Is he a monarch? I'm not sure where he'd be queen of. Canada , maybe? Anyways, my Dad says he's part Ninja, so he must be a feeder.

Charlie Sheen : Oh, I know this guy! He was great as the Illusive Man. That kind've dapper appearance is a definite indication of a chubby chaser.

Genghis Khan : Pretty sure he runs a corner shop near me.

Bruce Willis : him and that Portuguese chick in Pulp fiction talked about pot bellies and pancakes and shit, so I'm pretty sure he's a feeder. Or does that maker her a feedee? My brain hurts. Think I need to drink some more Bubble Shock.

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