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“At the end of a long hard day, a soothing Faggotry Menthol Cigarette really helps me unwind and forget my Hellish life.”
~ Kyle Smith on Faggotry

A basic form of faggotry

Nobody knows what Faggotry exactly is. is it a god? a demon? an alien? a human? a Computer? or a mere myth? Nobody knows. But one thing can be certain; it actually exists, and it most certainly will affect our lives. Faggotry is everywhere.

Many people start to assume it's true form, but unfortunately, the true form of faggotry cannot be known or witnessed. As long as mankind exists, there will always be new forms of faggotry.


Faggotry has started since the start of human civilization. Contrary to popular belief, Faggotry does not mean extreme homosexuality, and can be given to a lot of things. This means it has started since the start of man. the first recorded examples of faggotry is made by Romans where they had changed their religion into christianity and abandoned their former gods. Then vandals started to attack and the roman civilization is pwnt in seconds, possibly performed by zeus.


One of the masters of faggotry

One of the masters of faggotry is made by Chairman Mao in 1966, where he tried to make himself descend into heaven as a god by creating a legion of red guards - his own messengers which will help him to spread the messages of their saint. They were commanded by chairman mao to pwn the infidels with holy justice and 1337 hax0r skills. together they collapsed the enconomy and these fags will never know how to write.

Faggotry is most prominient post 1980, due to the invention of the internet. At first you need to at least have some intellegence to use computers, but in the septemper of 1993, endless stream of newfags 5p34k1n6 13375p3ak invaded the usenet community, and this opened the pandora's box of the internet. ever since then, faggotry is released into the internet.

Types of faggotry

There are many forms of faggotry, and it will be a waste of time to speak them all. so we will list several of the most common forms of faggotry;


Possibly the most common form of faggotry in the internet, Furfaggotry is mainly created by the legion of furries of the internet. Many franchises and personnel are involved in this form of faggotry, Franchises include, pokemon, digimon, anything made by Walt Disney, and My little Pony, which is a form of faggotry of it's own. This form of faggotry's most prominent affecters are Bronies, Sparkledogs, rangerphiles and DeviantART.


Another prominent form of faggotry, This is the form that Furfaggotry usually takes. This is also the most severe form of faggotry, and is able to spread to an entire site with the blink of an eye.Once you are affected by this form of faggotry, your best bet is to become An hero since you are so gay that you should die already. Anonymous is currently tracking and culling the sheer number of fags who were affected by such faggotry.

Video game faggotry

The sheer number of call of duty fanboys had created such a monster. It spreads through the masses of fanboys who are not retro gamers, and they can be tricked to press F10 in counterstrike so easily that they become a form of faggotry themselves. this form of faggotry will cause people to hate pokemon, retro games and other virtues of video games, speak 13375p34k, become a ghey and never reproduce. (disregard this, since all faggotry will cause you to never reproduce.) The only method is to become a retro gamer or become an hero, the latter being easier.

Cooperate faggotry


A master of cooperate faggotry.

Usually created by Greedy Jews, Cooperate faggotry usually appears in the form of rebooting a classic or making commercial faliures. The first instance of cooperate faggotry is from the 1970s where atari atarted rushing video games for 5 weeks and created masterpieces of faggotry, such as ET: The Extra Terrestrial and the atari of pacman, and forever set a curse that movie games are medicore at best. Castlevania also experienced cooperate faggotry when Konami tried to release a fighting game about it. Twilight is also a form of cooperate faggotry and one that has infected many. It is also confirmed that cooperate greed started SOPA, a treaty which ended the internet for lulz.

Anime Faggotry

The second most common form of faggotry in the internet next to furfaggotry, Anime faggotry ususally happens to weeaboos who don't know jack shit about Japan. even if they know, they will most likely be pwnt by racist jap cops who enjoy raping the ass of all Chinese and Gaijin. Usually symptoms of such faggotry include drawing shitty fetishes that no one cares about, making Caramelldansen videos about Vocaloid, Castlevania and Naruto (In fact, making ANYTHING about vocaloid and naruto counts), creating anime couples, gay or straight, drawing original characters, and cosplaying your favourite animu character. Ah, and i forgot attempting to make everything animu. The cure is to go to futaba channel and say that you are an american/chinese, and watch yourself getting pwnt for the lulz.

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