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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Fuck you?
Hammer and sickle

This article was written by a Communist.

In Soviet Russia, he would be SENT TO A REEDUCATION CAMP for writing this capitalist piece of crap

“I pity the Fu”
~ Mr. T on the Fu

“Fu Was the main reason I have dismentled the Beatles”
~ Yoko Ono on FU

“The Black Knight always triumphs!”

“In Soviet Russia, Fu You!!”

~ Fu on Spang

edit Background and Discovery

Fu is a cheerful chap and is happiest when in control of his own personal empire in Hong Kong. Here he is cunningly disguised as his alter-ego Chairman Fu. This cunning transformation was only discovered after extensive investigation. By applying the mystic art of hat wearing it was discovered that Fu could transform himself into a plethora of different characters. Cunning...yes, very. So very cunning.

Chairman Fu is a communist...a dirty dirty communist. Enough said.

Normal Fu, or Fu original, inspires much joviality and film making. He combines original political comment with light-hearted humour. This is probably due to his being the "unfortunate victim of forced multiculturalism".

Fu manchu
Chairman Fu in his early days

edit Songs

Fu inspires many songs. The general rule is replace any one syllable word with "Fu":

  • Bohemian like Fu - Dandy Warhols
  • Don't stop Fu now - Queen
  • From me to Fu - The Beatles
  • Fu's company - foo fighters
  • Fu's gold - foo fighters
  • Hate to say i told Fu so - The Hives
  • Hey Fu - The Beatles
  • I got Fu baby - Sonny and Cher
  • I need fu, more than anyone darling - Abba
  • I want to hold Fu's hand - The Beatles
  • Knowing Me, Knowing Fu, Aha - Alan Partridge
  • Love me Fu - The Beatles
  • Rock with Fu - Michael Jackson
  • She loves Fu - The Beatles
  • The Best of Fu - Foo fighters
  • Up to my neck in fu - AC-DC
  • What I like about Fu - The Ramones
  • Do Fu Know What I Mean - Oasis
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