Pictogram "Extreme Torch Relay"

Extreme Torch Relay from the Greek: Ακραίος ηλεκτρονόμος φανών is a newly introduced event for the 2008 Olympics.

The participants are divided into two teams. The objective of the Relay team is to carry the Olympic torch to the goal. The Blocking team is to prevent the Relay team from carrying the torch, and if possible, to extinguish the flame of the torch. Both teams are allowed to use various tools such as cars, fire extinguishers, flags, etc. The Relay team consists of torch runners, policemen and the people who support the Olympic host country. Anyone who has expressed their reason to block the torch relay may join the Block team.

If the Relay team succeeds in carrying the torch to their goal, the Relay team will win regardless of how many points the Block team has received. As for Block team, each country participating will be ranked according to the number of points they have received.

Technical PointsEdit


Places where games were held

  • Protests (1 pt per each demonstrator) The base points for this event is decided by the number of people participating, and this will have a large effect on the points gained by performances listed below. The cooperation of the local media is indispensable in order to receive high points, but this does not mean grass roots activities such as handing out fliers in the streets should be taken lightly. By this method, people who cannot participate directly may still contribute to increasing their country's score.
  • Touching the torch bearer (5 pts per person) Awarded for any instances where there is no overall effect on the Relay Team, but the Blocking Team manages to physically touch the torch bearer.
  • Interference (30 pts per person) Awarded for each instance the progress of the Relay team is affected. Points are awarded additionally in a separate category for creative interferences such as utilizing equipment (e.g. water balloons, bicycles, etc.)
  • Breaking in (50 pts for each break in) Awarded for each instance the progression of the Relay Team is obstructed. If the blocker is a member of the Relay Team, holds a noteworthy occupation, or is recognized by the media, additional points may be awarded.
  • Arrests (50 pts for each arrested person)
  • Rioting (100 pts or more) Awarded each time there are any skirmishes between the Blocking Team and Relay Team. The number of points awarded varies with the size of the skirmish, and holds the potential for a high score when combined with the above listed Arrests.
  • Extinguishment of the Flame (1500 pts per extinguishment of the torch, 9000 pts per extinguishment of the fire) Awarded each time the flame is ever extinguished during the match. An analogous situation would be a Touchdown in American football, and the Blocking Team's major objective is to strive to earn points by extinguishment. Most often, the team leading in points is also leading in actual and attempted extinguishments.

Artistic PointsEdit

  • Flags (1 pt for each flag) Artistic points awarded for flags and placards brought to the competition by the Blocking Team. As a special rule for the first event, the Tibetan national flag is under consideration for increased points awarded per flag.

Program Component PointsEdit

  • Security deployment (e.g. 1 pt per personnel, 50 pts per armored car)
  • Detour (500 pts per detour)
  • Short cut (1000 pts per shortcut)
  • Canceling (2000 pts per country)
  • Expression of regret by the route country government (1000 pts)
  • Expression of regret by the IOC (2000 pts)
  • Expression of regret by the host country (3000 pts)


  • Death (-3000 pts per death)
  • Serious injury (-50 pts per injury)
  • Slight injury (-1 pts per injury)

Requirement for the host nationEdit

Extreme Torch Relay is not always taken place in Olympic games. It depends on the status of the host country. The host country must fulfill several characteristics listed below:

  • The country is in a state of dictatorship
  • The country supports and/or sponsors terrorism
  • The country restricts and/or prohibits free speech
  • The country supports and/or is conducting genocide
  • The country is a major source of pollution
  • The country frequently boycotts the Olympic games

As it is quite unlikely a country that fulfils the above characteristics is chosen as a host country of the Olympic games in the future, the next Extreme Torch Relay event may not be held again for a long time.

Famous TeamsEdit

Vagina Formation

The Vagina Formation in Nagano. It is one of the most impregnable formation by Japanese relay team.

United Kingdom
Their Blocker Team had been arrested several times
Their Blocker team protested very aggressively to make officials give up ongoing. Even a flag was flown!
Their Relay team changed the place to start their performance from a famous Buddhist temple to the vacant lot where a prison used to be
Their Blocker team said it would throw bombs, in order to confuse the Relay team so they couldn't find the real Olympic flame
South Korea
Their Blocker Team drenched themselves with gasoline, in order to capture the flame by colliding with the torch bearer

2008 ResultsEdit

TeamDateRankScoreProtestersFlagsSecurityCourse changeExtinguishmentfightingIntrusionCaptorCancellationTotalNews Sources
Greece24 March-1,62020010101000050x23007,201
Almaty2 Aprildrop out[1]
Istanbul3 April-820200101000050x6002,015
Saint Petersburg5 April-50------1-049
London6 April-5,8751,0005050251500x150050x2550x37035,123
Paris7 April-10,6002,50050505001500x51,00050x2550x350696,969
San Francisco9 April-5,0002,5105320,00010,0001500x01,00050x2550x10017,251
Buenos Aires11 April-3,2573,2571115,000111500x05,00050x1250x50015,125
Dar-es-Salaam12 April-00000000000
Muscat14 April-00000000000
Islamabad16 April-00020,00020,000000051,256[2] 100,000
New Delhi17 April-2,2563,256503111,0001500x012,12350x1150x17014,231
Bangkok18 April-00000000000
Kuala Lumpur21 April-03000000002
D'Jakarta22 April-00008,000[3]000008,001
Canberra24 April-2,500600350001500x02550x050x0011,111[4]
Nagano26 April-080003,0005001500x15050x050x708,850
Seoul27 April-30102,0015001500x01050x050x3 + 1,000[5]06,250
Pyongyang [6]28 April-
Taipei30 April-000000000300,000[7]300,123


  1. Almaty protesters used EPO to enhance their performance
  2. Relay was held in closed door stadium (protesters threatened to throw real bombs), didn't count as a real relay
  3. The rally was held as a 100 tours around the central stadium
  4. 1,111 points were awarded for originality: a plane wrote "Free China" in the air
  5. One participant drenched himself with gasoline, jumped on the torch, stealing the fire
  6. No protesters due to North Korea's dictatorshiprule under Kim Jong-il.
  7. Host country didn't want any communists on its ground