Every Jim Carrey Film Ever Made

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Every Jim Carrey Film Ever Made

A collaboration of every Jim Carrey film ever.
Theatrical movie poster.
Release Date: Fall, 2007
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jim Carrey

Every Jim Carrey Film Ever Made is a film starring Jim Carrey. It was a combination of his older films, with small sections of each put together to make one, flowing movie. THis was able to be accomplished because all of the movies follow the exact same plot. Made in 2007, this film had the critics raving about its "Unorignality" and "Characters that were in Jim's previous movies".


Jim Carrey, in the dire need of a popularity boost after his last horrible movie, Yes Man, realized that he had to make a comeback with a funny, original movie. He contacted several scriptwriters to see if they had any potential movies for him to star in, but they had none. Jim, now completely screwed over, was left with one option: making his own. Jim, being the idiot that he is, was low on ideas. He thought of nothing worth attepmting to make, until he stumbled onto one golden idea: Since almost all of my movies follow the exact same plot, why don't I just take bits of them and make it one movie? It did seem like a genius idea, so Jim went ahead with the movie production.

The film was made in about twenty minutes, by having clips from every single Jim Carrey movie, excluding Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, put together into one sequence. It worked unbelieveably well, considering all Jim Carrey movies follow the exact same plot with similar problems, solutions, and jokes. Jim himself was the executive producer, and organized the whole movie.

He hired two expensive movie makers to put the pieces together in the movie. Most of the film clips were taken from Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar, and Yes Man. They took excerpts from all of the movies, however, they failed to note how Jim's hair is different in every movie. Apart from that, Jim bears a different name in each movie, going from Bruce to Fletcher constantly. This did not stop the production crew, for they tought "It added to teh effect of the movie."

The Film's budget was $ 23,000,000. Only about $50 was used in the production of the movie, and that was used to buy sandwiches from Subway, drinks, and a couple bag of chips for the lunch break they took right after making half of the movie.


The film had a varied cast, with only one constant: Jim Carrey. Besides him, there were nearly sixty different characters who showed up a few times in the movie each. Some positions remained a constant, however, each time they had a different actor to play the role.

  • LOVE INTEREST - A good looking woman


INSERT NAME HERE, played by Jim Carrey, is a cynical and flawed individual who the audience nonetheless has a sort of liking for. However, one day an event occurs and/or someone philosophical talks to him and he is forced to undertake a drastic lifestyle change for a prolonged amount of time.

During this period the protagonist goes through a series of wacky adventures as he begins to adjust. At this point he has nearly lost his girlfirend/wife LOVE INTEREST and son/daughter, CUTE KID WHO WANTS MOMMY AND/OR DADDY TO BE HAPPY, due to his character change. This leads to slapstick moments and awkward situations intended to provoke laughter in viewers. Although reluctant/skeptical at first, INSERT NAME HERE realises INSERT IDEA HERE, and ends up a better, happier, more rounded individual who can get his woman and child back.



Crtics have raved over the movie in positive and negative ways. Many have found this style of movie making fantastic and creative, but others found it stale and unamusing. One claimed "Utterly fantastic. It was amazing how Jim had so many different hair styles and names in one movie," and another said "I think I even saw the Riddler in there!" However, other critics, in fact, all but those two, gave it less praise. "He was driving a Beamer, then a van that looks like a dog, then a ferrari... I think I'm going to puke!"

The trailers brought high expectations for the viewers, and in its first weekend brought a total profit of 22 million dollars. People everywhere were sneaking into the theaters, resulting in ticket checks at the doors of the theaters. However, most of these crazed and excited fans were quite letdown with the performance. Also, many went nearly insane due to sudden changes in name and hair style. Many had dissapointing things to say, such as "Haven't I seen these characters before?" and "That was a good ben Stiller movie." The film company sold eight copies of the movie on DVD.

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