Every Jim Carrey Film Ever Made

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“Seriously, people only have to glimpse me and my comical overbite striking an uninspired pose on a poster and it becomes an instant success.

~ Jim Carrey on Every Jim Carrey Film Ever Made.

“Unoriginal? Maybe. But remember that I was the origin of the unoriginality, thus I'm original, in an unoriginal way.

~ Jim Carrey on originality.

Every Jim Carrey Film Ever Made is a film starring Jim Carrey. Made in 2007, this film had the critics raving about its "Unorignality" and "Characters that were in Jim's previous movies".



The film was made in about twenty minutes, by having clips from every single Jim Carrey movie, excluding Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, put together into one sequence. TI worked unbelieveably well, considering all Jim Carrey movies follow the exact same plot with similar problems, solutions, and jokes. Jim himself was the executive producer, and organized the whole movie.

I was going to start working on a new film, but then I realised I could make just as much money through cutting up bits of my old films and slapping a catchy title on.

—Jim Carrey

He hired two expensive movie makers to do the entire movie. Most of the film clips were taken from Bruce Almighty, Liar liar, and Yes Man. They took excerpts from all of the movies, and failed to note how Jim's hair is different in every movie. They also did not notice the sifferences in his name, for he had several different names throughout the movie, confusing many viewers. Many computer geeks and amateur movie makers claimed they could make the same movie with higher quality and more entertainment.


  • Jim Carrey as INSERT NAME HERE
  • Good looking woman as LOVE INTEREST


INSERT NAME HERE, played by Jim Carrey, is a cynical and flawed individual who the audience nonetheless has a sort of liking for. However, one day something happens to him and/or someone philosophical talks to him and he is forced to undertake a drastic lifestyle change for a prolonged amount of time.

During this period the protagonist goes through a series of wacky adventures as he begins to adjust. At this point he has nearly lost his girlfirend/wife INSERT GOOD LOOKING WOMAN HERE and son/daughter due to his character change. This leads to slapstick moments and awkward situations intended to provoke laughter in viewers. Although reluctant/skeptical at first, INSERT NAME HERE realises INSERT IDEA HERE, and ends up a better, happier, more rounded individual who can get his woman and child back.


Crtics have raved over the movie in positive and negative ways. Many have found this style of movie making fantastic and creative, but others found it stale and unamusing.

"Utterly fantastic. It was amazing how Jim had so many different hair styles and names in one movie." -Reader's Digest

"I think I even saw the Riddler in there!" - News Weekly

"Many of you may need Inspirigun. This movie is the same as the others!" - New York Times

"He was driving a Beamer, then a Rnager, then a van that looks like a dog, then a ferrari... I think I'm going to puke!" - Los Angeles Times

The movie was praised by viewers, and tin its first weekend brought a total profit of 22 million dollars. People everywhere were sneaking into the theaters, resulting in ticket checks at the doors of the theaters. Template:Contsruction

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