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Smokin' hot. Moi?

Eva Green (born 6 July 1980) is the French actress with the English sounding name who has specialised in playing weird women with a propensity of shedding their clothes for uncompromisingly artistic reasons.

For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Eva Green.

She recently appeared in the latest Skin City film and has this year appeared as Artemisia in the 300 (film) sequel 300:More Naked Male Breasts and Eva's Boobs and the Sky television series Penny Dreadful where Eva's character has been seduced by Satan and can float around at seances.

Looking very much a natural goth with black hair and a pale skin, Eva Green's film CV has encompassed working with Bernardo Bertolucci in her major film debut Three Naked People in a Tub and as James Bond's love interest Vesper Lynd in Shaken & Not Slurred.

edit Background


Can do serious too.

Eva Green is French with a strong dash of ABBA which explains her surname. Also, unlike many French frippery thespians, Eva has done her best work in English and lives in London where she can be seen wandering around bookshops in her biker leathers. This exotic background (at least to the British and Americans) explains why she has been a constant feature in some major films. Alas, so far, none up for an Oscar nomination but that may happen.

Yet when it comes to directors looking for a female actor to come across sexy, spooky and dangerous to know, her name seems to come out top of the list. Eva has done the big historical epic, playing Queen Bardotta in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Something or Other. In that production, she so out acted Orlando 'Legolas' Bloom that her role was cut back for the theatrical release and only re-instated for the DVD (Eva's Edition) that came out later. This was true when she blew[1] Johnny Depp out of the French Windows in Dark Eye Shadows. In fact, with the exception of Daniel Craig, Eva hasn't really met a male actor who hasn't looked like a harem guard compared to her power play performances.

edit Sin City sequel

Through speech training, Eva has virtually lost her French accent. She doesn't sound quite English either but somewhere now Eastern European. Her vampiric appearance does make you always want to check the length of her incisor teeth and she tends to hide her prominent ears under cascades of wild hair.

Eva has gained a new fan base after blasting hot performance in the latest Sin City film - Skin City: A Film to Strip For. For reasons of pure plot, she basically wears nothing in most of her screen performance. Word of mouth and hand gesture has seen many teenage fans of the Marvel sneak in with cameras to record her performance and upload it to websites. But then Eva is French (or at least European) with her boldness is shedding all her clothes if the role demands it. No hiding with body doubles for her sex scene or skimpy fetish clothing as worn by the other actresses in the film like Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba.

edit Any other stuff?


Tub action?

What Eva Green does with anyone else is unknown. She claims to lead a quiet life when not on screen and hasn't been associated with any known celebrity for the last five years. It has given rise to suggestions that her on screen character is really her and that she is as crazy as the women she plays in movies.

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edit References

  1. Rhetorically, not factually unless either actor can confirm this.
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