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Eva Green is the French actress with the English sounding name who has specialised in playing weird women with a propensity of shedding their clothes for uncompromising artistic reasons.

She is currently appearing in the latest Sin City film and has this year appeared as Artemisia in the 300 (film) sequel 300:Naked Breasts 2 and the Sky television series Penny Dreadful where Eva's character has been seduced by Satan and can float around at seances.

Looking very much a natural goth with black hair and a pale skin, Eva Green's film CV has encompassed working with Bernardo Bertolucci in her major film debut Three Naked People in a Tub and as James Bond's love interest Vesper Vodka in Casino Royale.


Despite her looks, Eva Green is actually French with a strong dash of ABBA which explains her surname. Also unlike many French frippery thespians, Eva has done her best work in English and lives in London where she can be seen wandering around bookshops in her biker leathers. This exotic background (at least to the British and Americans) explains why she has been a constant feature in some major films. Alas, so far, none up for an Oscar nomination but that may happen.

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